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Sailing Back to Llanquahue
Sun Aug 30 8:04:54 EDT 2015, near Isla Llanquahue

Our first plan, to anchor south of Isla Llanquahue for the night, changed when the wind unexpectedly moved from north to south. We moved to another anchorage.

Then the forecast changed from light winds to a strong northerly gale, and the entire plan to visit hot springs was canceled.

In the meantime, the sailing was pleasant.

Sailing Back to Llanquahue
Sat Aug 29 8:15:48 EDT 2015, near Isla Llanquahue

Sailing Back to Llanquahue
Sat Aug 29 7:56:43 EDT 2015

A pleasant winter wind pushes Kosei (steering) and I along well.

The boat passing us is a type used commonly in Chile's extensive aquaculture industry. The ramp at the bow (front) allows loading cargo off beaches.

Our plan was to sail to Llanquahue, which has hot springs that I've visited before, then sail down Estero Comau to other hot springs which I hadn't seen. As is so often the case when sailing, especially in winter, the plan changed.

Tue Aug 25 21:47:03 EDT 2015, Rilan

A better view of the distinctive church at the center of town, Iglesia Santa María de Rilán.

Thu Aug 27 14:18:06 EDT 2015 | Dan B
Pretty church, gorgeous rainbow!
Fri Aug 28 7:22:02 EDT 2015 | Richard Hudson
Thanks, Dan!
Sat Aug 22 10:22:52 EDT 2015, Rilan

Caleta Rilan
Fri Aug 21 0:56:42 EDT 2015, Caleta Rilan

I spent a couple of weeks, on and off, anchored in Caleta Rilan.

Rilan is a small village about a half-hour bus ride from Castro. The harbor is well protected and peaceful.

To Queilen
Thu Aug 20 13:40:15 EDT 2015

Sorry for the long delay in posting.

This is Carolina steering, as we (mostly) motored thru calm water from Quellon to Queilen. While the seas were calm, a big storm was coming, and I was most interested in getting into a very well protected anchorage to sit out the storm.

We looked at a few possible places to anchor in Estero Queilen, and talked to fishermen who said the best protection was in tiny Estero Pailad--a narrow, winding waterway through tranquil farmland. Estero Pailad is a very popular place for anchoring in summer. In winter, with the very frequent rain, there aren't many boats here. While it is very pretty in Estero Pailad, it always rained while I was there, and I don't have any good pictures from it.

Knowing there was a road alongside Estero Pailad, we anchored, then went ashore, and started asking about buses, as Carolina needed to get back to Castro. We learned that the regular bus only ran three times a week, but fortunately there was a special bus running that evening, only six hours later, which Carolina was able to take.

I returned to Issuma, put the dinghy aboard, and sat out two days of strong wind and rain, happily secure with two anchors and one shoreline.

Tue Jul 21 19:48:13 EDT 2015

I spent quite a few days in Quellon, sitting out several gales. Carolina came aboard in Quellon and we sailed (motored--there was no wind) to the next inlet north (Canal Queilen).

We had to stop about halfway after snagging some kelp (it greatly slows down the boat). I was able to remove the kelp by leaning over the side and using the boathook (much nicer than having to get the wetsuit on and dive to clear it).

Along the way, these dolphins came over to show off.

The Calf and I
Tue Jul 14 19:19:52 EDT 2015, Quellon

From a beach where the dinghy could be landed, it was a five minute walk up a dirt road past many small farms to get to a road with a bus stop. Frequent buses went to Quellon from there.

This calf didn't seem intimidated. It is fairly common to see farm animals outside farms here.

Tue Jul 21 0:47:03 EDT 2015 | Victor
Despite all the odds the beautiful encounter. They seem to keep their cattle fenced. Look at the lush of grass, if I were the cow I would eat it all not even looking at Richard !!!. Hope you have enough skills to jump those fences to get to the road with the the buses.
Tue Jul 21 19:35:16 EDT 2015 | Richard Hudson
Actually, we are both on the road side of the fence...I guess the calf wanted a change of scenery. :)
Mon Jul 13 19:25:54 EDT 2015, Quellon

Quellon is a fishing port in the SE part of Isla Chiloe. I spent several days there, waiting out storms.

Quellon has a large harbor, and I anchored a long way from the main part of the town, where it was better sheltered from the storms.

Getting to town was either a long row across the harbor (if it wasn't overly windy), or a short row to the nearest shore and a bus ride.

In the foreground of the picture is a cow, Issuma is anchored behind it, and the city of Quellon is visible across the harbor.

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