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Tue Jul 21 19:48:13 EDT 2015

I spent quite a few days in Quellon, sitting out several gales. Carolina came aboard in Quellon and we sailed (motored--there was no wind) to the next inlet north (Canal Queilen).

We had to stop about halfway after snagging some kelp (it greatly slows down the boat). I was able to remove the kelp by leaning over the side and using the boathook (much nicer than having to get the wetsuit on and dive to clear it).

Along the way, these dolphins came over to show off.

The Calf and I
Tue Jul 14 19:19:52 EDT 2015, Quellon

From a beach where the dinghy could be landed, it was a five minute walk up a dirt road past many small farms to get to a road with a bus stop. Frequent buses went to Quellon from there.

This calf didn't seem intimidated. It is fairly common to see farm animals outside farms here.

Tue Jul 21 0:47:03 EDT 2015 | Victor
Despite all the odds the beautiful encounter. They seem to keep their cattle fenced. Look at the lush of grass, if I were the cow I would eat it all not even looking at Richard !!!. Hope you have enough skills to jump those fences to get to the road with the the buses.
Tue Jul 21 19:35:16 EDT 2015 | Richard Hudson
Actually, we are both on the road side of the fence...I guess the calf wanted a change of scenery. :)
Mon Jul 13 19:25:54 EDT 2015, Quellon

Quellon is a fishing port in the SE part of Isla Chiloe. I spent several days there, waiting out storms.

Quellon has a large harbor, and I anchored a long way from the main part of the town, where it was better sheltered from the storms.

Getting to town was either a long row across the harbor (if it wasn't overly windy), or a short row to the nearest shore and a bus ride.

In the foreground of the picture is a cow, Issuma is anchored behind it, and the city of Quellon is visible across the harbor.

Mon Jun 29 18:25:33 EDT 2015, Chonchi

View of the harbor at low tide. Issuma's dinghy is in the foreground, and Issuma is anchored in the upper right of the picture.

Sat Jun 27 18:20:58 EDT 2015, Chonchi

Chonchi is a much smaller city, a little south of Castro.

The beautiful sailboats belong to the nautical school in Chonchi, as does the blue boat they are tied to.

Rainbow Pointing South
Thu Jun 25 17:39:47 EDT 2015

As I headed a little south of Castro, this rainbow kindly showed the way.

Mon Jul 6 16:45:51 EDT 2015 | G.Tusu
Is this a hint? :)
Glad to see you are sailing again. Vancouver must have been pretty boring for you all these years... Where about this time?
Tue Jul 7 17:48:53 EDT 2015 | Richard Hudson
Yes, it's a hint :)
I'm not going that way immediately, though...
Steam Fog
Sun Jun 21 8:06:11 EDT 2015, Estero Chuac

My blog has mostly been a few weeks behind while I've been in Chile. As today is the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere (sunrise in Castro at 0924 and sunset at 1828), I thought I'd share a more recent (three days ago) picture which looks more wintery.

We anchored in placid Estero Chuac for the night. Skies were clear, and the light wind came from the south (normally there are north winds in winter), bringing colder air.

At dawn, it was 1C/34F in the cockpit, the decks were covered in frost, and steam was rising from the water.

The ground that cows and sheep were grazing was also covered with frost.

Mon Jun 22 16:16:25 EDT 2015 | Kai, Sini & Steve
Yes, it does look cold. Hope you're staying warm.
We are on the other side of the globe having mid-summer, and it doesn't get dark throughout the nights (just dusk at most). I think you can guess where we are :)
Hope to see you soon.
Mon Jun 22 18:35:12 EDT 2015 | George Ott
WOW!!! Your still moving along... Hopefully you've tried Curanto. It's an awesome seafood stew in Chiloe. Fair Winds!
Tue Jun 23 7:03:17 EDT 2015 | Richard Hudson
Thanks for the comments, Kai, Sini, Steve & George.

Yes, it's a bit of a contrast with Canada :). All the far north towns I've been to had some kind of Longest Day of The Year celebration on June 21, so I think about that on the shortest day of the year.

To keep warm I am running a heater now when in port

George, I have not tried Curanto yet, but will look for it.
Castro Museum
Sun Jun 21 7:41:37 EDT 2015, Castro

For a long time, Chiloe had iron or steel. There were always lots of trees, though, so the people became quite creative with what they could make out of wood.

Here is a lock and key made out of wood.

Castro Museum
Sat Jun 20 18:20:00 EDT 2015, Castro

Castro has a nice museum, full of wooden boat models and model historical scenes.

The poster on the wall shows the location of all the wooden churches on the island of Chiloe.

Thu Jun 18 18:12:33 EDT 2015, Castro

Looking from where Issuma is anchored towards Castro. This picture was taken several weeks ago. Today I returned to Castro and was pleased to see that the sunken boat towards the right of the photo is now floating again.

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