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St Helena

18 May 2016
St Helena is a pleasant, relaxed, friendly, isolated, tropical island where everyone speaks English. A United Kingdom Overseas Territory, St Helena is probably best known as the place Napoleon was exiled to.

Transportation to and from St Helena has traditionally been by sea. This year, they finished building an airport, but due to problems with wind shear, airplanes are not yet landing there. The island is mostly supplied by a Royal Mail ship (which takes passengers), which is scheduled to make its last voyage to St Helena in July (presuming commercial flights to the new airport are being made).

The picture is looking down on Jamestown, the main settlement.
Vessel Name: Issuma
Vessel Make/Model: Damien II, 15m/50' steel staysail schooner with lifting keel
Extra: Designed for Antarctica. Built in France by META in 1981. Draft 1.3m/4.5' with keel up, 3.2m/10.5' with keel down. More details at
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