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Heading Towards Argentina

07 November 2008
We are heading towards Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We looked into going to Brazil, which was closer. Brazil had visa issues (we need visas for Brazil and don't have them), and it doesn't have as good facilities for working on boats as Argentina does. We might have been allowed into Brazil without visas on the grounds of needing repairs, but at this point, I've worked around the broken furler in all the wind conditions I expect we will see coming into Buenos Aires (which is not nearly as windy as South Africa, where we were originally going), so can't really say we would need to go into Brazil for repairs. We still have a long way to go (about 1050 miles), but we are looking forward to Buenos Aires.

I say we are heading 'towards' Buenos Aires, rather than 'to', because the sea has absolutely no respect for plans, and frequently causes changes in them. So it is best not to tempt fate by being too definitive about where the next destination will be.

We motored yesterday in a flat calm, and now have a great wind from the port side pushing us along nicely in small seas, warm temperatures, and somewhat sunny skies.
Vessel Name: Issuma
Vessel Make/Model: Damien II, 15m/50' steel staysail schooner with lifting keel
Extra: Designed for Antarctica. Built in France by META in 1981. Draft 1.3m/4.5' with keel up, 3.2m/10.5' with keel down. More details at
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