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Isla De Lobos
Mon Feb 15 15:50:00 EST 2010

Isla de Lobos (island of seals), a few miles east of Punta del Este, is just visible under the mainsail in the picture.

Punta Del Este from aloft
Sat Feb 13 0:00:00 EST 2010, Punta del Este, Uruguay

A sailing school's fleet of Optimists sails towards the marina at Punta del Este

Sat Feb 13 1:08:20 EST 2010 | George Ott
Your still in the Rio de Plata area??? You need to go sailing!!!!
Sat Feb 13 14:29:29 EST 2010 | george Ray
Looks like your on the move. Will be following your route and comments.
Best Wishes for a safe trip,

Our schedule finally seems to be set, plane tickets are purchased. We fly into BA April 14 to pick up the Cat and head north. Being that late the winds from Cabo Frio may have a bit if south in them.
Punta Del Este
Fri Feb 12 13:22:04 EST 2010, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este is the beautiful holiday town at the southeast corner of Uruguay, where animals and people come to soak up the sun.

I'm here for a few days, waiting for the wind to change.

Overtaken by a Hobie Cat
Thu Feb 11 12:03:20 EST 2010, Rio de la Plata

On a pleasant morning, nearing Punta del Este, Uruguay, we were overtaken by this Hobie Cat. Being fast, much lighter boats, being overtaken by one of these is to be expected.

Fuel Truck
Wed Feb 3 7:33:18 EST 2010, Ensenada, Argentina

There is no fuel dock in La Plata/Ensenada (La Plata is the city built near the harbor of Ensenada). In the picture, Issuma is taking on 800 litres of diesel fuel from the tank on the trailer connected to the 1949 truck. There are lots of old vehicles still in use in Argentina.

After bringing the boat to the dock, I went with the owner of the truck and tank to the service station to buy the fuel. After returning to the dock, the fuel was transferred to Issuma partly by electric pump, partly by gravity feed. It took a few hours, because I was filtering most of the fuel before it went in the tanks. Now there is lots of fuel aboard.

Wed Feb 3 14:50:39 EST 2010 | yann sergent
where are you going now with this fuel my friend ?
Thu Feb 4 5:16:03 EST 2010 | Richard Hudson
I am soon heading North.
Sat Feb 6 6:08:45 EST 2010 | george Ray
As you prepare to sail north to the trades, I hope you will share your thoughts on weather and routing to help to educate those that come after. For example, Martin and George on the Anteres Cat in early march
Storm Jib
Wed Dec 30 4:27:02 EST 2009, La Plata, Argentina

I've had this storm jib for almost a year, but haven't gotten around to getting all the bits together (halyard block, tack attachment, etc) to be able to actually use it until now. It looks good...will try it next time I am sailing in high winds to see how well it really works.

Wed Feb 24 15:35:18 EST 2010 | sylvia Sanders
Cam anyone tell me where I could purchase items that are put on sale during the Great American Schooner Race out of Baltimore. Last year I purchased the "North End" fleece vest with the insignia "The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race" I would like to purchase men's and women's sizes. Thanks for your help.
La Plata
Sat Dec 26 4:27:45 EST 2009, La Plata, Argentina

View from aloft of part of the peaceful harbor at La Plata. The dock and cranes are owned by a steel mill that is no longer operating, so are pretty much unused.

La Plata
Tue Dec 22 4:23:28 EST 2009, La Plata, Argentina

tying down the fisherman
Thu Dec 10 0:00:00 EST 2009

Ted tying down the fisherman sail as the wind picks up.

Fri Dec 25 17:11:05 EST 2009 | bonnie
Happy Holidays!
Adjusting the pole
Wed Dec 9 16:34:39 EST 2009

Adjusting the pole that is holding the jib out.

Wed Dec 9 17:50:00 EST 2009 | George Ray
I keep seeing the line reels suspended along the rail as part of the lifeline system. What is the story about them?
Thu Dec 10 6:06:56 EST 2009 | Richard Hudson
The line reels are attached to the lifeline stanchions. They are mostly intended for shore lines -- when you want to tie the boat to shore as well as anchor. They are also used as general purpose warps. They are extremely handy, and make it much easier to use warps than dragging coils out of lockers.

At the moment, one reel has about 110m of 22mm polyester (this is also used for the galerider drogue), the other has about 110m of 18mm polyethelyene.

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