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On the Beach
Sun Jun 27 10:08:14 EDT 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Chris and Gabriela scrubbing the barnacles off the hull as the tide goes out.

Wed Jun 30 18:49:06 EDT 2010 | Mary Boyd
Have fun kids!
On the Beach
Sat Jun 26 21:27:25 EDT 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

View from the stern of the boat on the beach (careened).

On the Beach
Thu Jun 24 19:32:43 EDT 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

We put Issuma on a gravel beach in Halifax harbor to scrub the bottom and change the propellers. In the picture, Chris is scrubbing the bottom (to remove the barnacles that attach themselves to the hull and slow it down). I was trying to lean the boat towards the land, which is what I've done when beaching keel boats (so they can't fall down suddenly). Attempting to lean towards the beach is why the boom is out to the side and holding up the dinghy.

The boat, however, had other ideas, and insisted on leaning away from the land. Issuma stayed in place well enough, supported by the beach, lines to trees and an anchor, and we just avoided being near the low side (in case the boat slid or tipped).

I was trying to change the propellers, but, until the blades have been removed, one can't see what socket wrench is required to remove the nut holding the propeller on. Unfortunately, I did not have a big enough socket wrench for this, so haven't yet been able to change the propellers. We are searching the Halifax/Dartmouth area for a suitable wrench.

Sailing to Halifax
Tue Jun 22 19:01:00 EDT 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

We had a pleasant daysail to Halifax. Ted and Gabriela got into the dinghy while we were off the approaches to Halifax to take pictures.

Fri Jun 25 13:32:15 EDT 2010 | Dan B
Awesome picture! Great to see her in full sail.
Tue Jun 22 19:00:00 EDT 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ted and Gabriela in the dinghy to take pictures of Issuma sailing.

Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
Mon Jun 21 19:55:54 EDT 2010, Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia, Canada

View of part of the peaceful town of Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. Issuma is docked in the Brooklyn Marina.

Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
Mon Jun 21 19:50:00 EDT 2010, Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Gabriela's night picture of Brooklyn.

Wed Jun 23 18:20:55 EDT 2010 | judy james
beautiful photo of a beautiful little town!
Nova Scotia
Sat Jun 19 18:39:42 EDT 2010, Medway, NS, Canada

After a sail with a lot of fog, followed by some beautiful sunny tailwinds, we sailed into Liverpool Bay, in the Canadian maritime province of Nova Scotia.

Sat Jun 19 21:52:54 EDT 2010 | George Conk
Congratulations on your return home to Canada,
Sun Jun 20 17:44:46 EDT 2010 | George Ray
Only two years two months after leaving France, but look at all the unexpected adventures in between. Great Job !!!
Mon Jun 21 19:59:53 EDT 2010 | Richard Hudson
Thanks very much. Got caught up with a few repairs here, hope to be underway again tomorrow.

Tue Jun 15 9:01:00 EDT 2010

Sunrise in the Gulf of Maine.

International Waters
Mon Jun 14 18:01:00 EDT 2010

We have left the USA and are back in international waters, so I take down the USA courtesy flag that we have been flying while in the USA.

Later, when we reach Canadian waters, I will put up a yellow "Quarantine" flag which indicates we are coming from another country and requesting clearance to enter Canada.

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