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Sailing towards Nain
Mon Aug 9 17:35:58 EDT 2010

We saw several icebergs sailing from Hopedale towards Nain. They were all aground on various relatively shallow (ie, less than 100m) spots. We came close to some to have a better look.

Tue Aug 10 14:54:19 EDT 2010 | Brian
I hope the lady caught the fillet of char OK.
Tue Aug 10 18:18:57 EDT 2010 | Richard Hudson
After Gabriela and others tried unsuccessfully to snag the fillet of char that had fallen into the water using the jigging lure, Ted dove in and retrieved the char. Gabriela made some hot tea for Ted to warm up with.
Wed Aug 11 19:58:13 EDT 2010 | Chris
Richard, if you are still looking for a place to winter the boat, Goose Bay has a very large crane and an extensive dry dock area. The crane is located right next to the bus depot.
Happy sailing,
Sun Aug 8 10:00:00 EDT 2010, Hopedale, Labrador, Canada

View from the top of the hill.

Sat Aug 7 10:00:00 EDT 2010, Hopedale, Labrador, Canada

I saw several plywood rowboats like this one around Hopedale, where they are used for fishing and rowing around. Note the thole pins for oarlocks.

Sun Aug 8 21:38:05 EDT 2010 | George Conk

What kind of fishing do they do with the skiffs?

Simple but strong row boat. You could make it with a circular saw and a sabre saw.

Thole pins are fashionable in the classic rowing world.
- George
Mon Aug 9 17:41:11 EDT 2010 | Richard Hudson
I think they just fish with rod and reel from the rowboats...mostly for arctic char, which is very good eating.

I like thole pins--they are functional and much easier to fix when broken than pretty bronze rowlocks with weak shafts.
Tue Aug 10 14:52:41 EDT 2010 | Brian
The little boats are called ‘flats’ locally. In time past they were towed or carried on top of larger ‘trap boats’ when Inuit went to their traditional fishing places.
Gill nets were set for arctic char and salmon on the outer Islands.
Hunting Party
Fri Aug 6 7:42:52 EDT 2010, Hopedale, Labrador, Canada

Four-wheelers are very popular in northern Canada. What roads exist are gravel and not very long, and the four-wheelers/ATVs work well on them and on the many trails.

Hopedale Dock
Fri Aug 6 7:36:47 EDT 2010, Hopedale, Labrador, Canada

The public dock is a popular place. The children are playing and I believe the adults are getting ready to go seal hunting.

Thu Aug 5 6:41:44 EDT 2010, Hopedale, Labrador, Canada

View from the public dock. Canada has a great system of public docks in most towns. No services are provided, but anyone can tie up to them for a limited period of time.

Thu Aug 5 11:41:44 EDT 2010 | george ray
I only see two more ferry stops north of Hopedale, ...... Natuashish and then Nain. How far north are you heading?
Fri Aug 6 7:37:39 EDT 2010 | Richard Hudson
How far north we go will depend on weather, time and how well the repairs worked.
Sailing into Hopedale
Tue Aug 3 10:00:00 EDT 2010, Hopedale, Labrador, Canada

We sailed up the Labrador coast to Hopedale, where we are approaching the anchorage in the picture. Hopedale is a fairly long way in from the outer islands (about 30 miles), so, arriving late enough yesterday to be unable to reach Hopedale before dark, we hove-to offshore for the night, then sailed in the morning.

Hopedale is the site of a Moravian church and a museum which we plan to visit.

Yann's vacation time has finished, so, sadly for us, he has returned to France.

Tue Aug 3 20:14:01 EDT 2010 | george ray
Hopefully Yann salted some fish for you while he was aboard.
Wed Aug 4 8:45:34 EDT 2010 | Richard Hudson
We haven't done so well with the fishing. other than some fish off the dock in Cartwright Haven't tried really hard...mostly just troll during the day (the line catches birds if left in the water when the light is dim) while underway.

I've asked commercial fishermen about trolling here...they said they've not heard of anyone trying it.
More Rigging Work
Mon Aug 2 10:00:00 EDT 2010, Cartwright, Labrador, Canada

We went back to Cartwright a few days ago (we are north of there now) for more work on the rigging.

Bergy Bit
Sun Aug 1 10:00:00 EDT 2010

A bergy bit is a large piece of glacier ice (not sea ice), but smaller than an iceberg. Bergy bits extend more than 1m above sea level and generally less than 5m above sea level.

Labrador Coast
Fri Jul 30 10:00:00 EDT 2010

When the sun is shining, the Labrador coast is really beautiful, full of islands, rocks and snow or tree-covered hills. Here we are sailing into a cove to anchor to wait out a coming gale.

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