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Going Up
Fri Nov 12 7:32:10 EST 2010, Waterford, NY

Doors closed, the lock is filling.

Thu Nov 11 0:00:00 EST 2010, Waterford, NY

This is an unusual amount of turbulence outside the lock doors. I believe there were no boats inside at the time and the water was being dumped from the lock quickly to make it ready to receive a boat going up.

In the Lock
Wed Nov 10 0:00:00 EST 2010, Waterford, NY

Issuma in the lock, heading for the wall to tie up.

Wed Nov 10 19:44:45 EST 2010 | jenny
We met you in oswego along the canal.
Enjoyed talking to you. Hope your trip is safe.
Becareful out there.
Gates Opening
Tue Nov 9 17:16:58 EST 2010, Waterford, NY

Lock gates opening.

First Lock
Tue Nov 9 12:00:00 EST 2010, Waterford, NY

The entrance to the first lock of the Erie Canal.

Mon Nov 8 13:45:35 EST 2010 | Rick Geater
Wow. You still have some fall colours down Erie way. I'm looking forward to getting together. Cheers, rick
Entering Lock
Mon Nov 8 12:00:00 EST 2010, Waterford, NY

Issuma, with both masts down, approaches the first lock of the Erie Canal at Waterford.

I'm behind on the blog entries. Tugster wrote about the canal trip on Issuma here .

Tue Nov 9 7:42:37 EST 2010 | George Ray
Very cool picture !! The details on the Erie Canal back story are very thin and so the reading public is left to guess what the hero of the story has in mind for a next adventure. Tune in next week for the next exciting installment of "Issuma Sails the World"
Sun Nov 7 17:51:00 EST 2010, Upper Hudson River, NY

Duck Cove
Sun Nov 7 0:00:00 EDT 2010, Cementon, NY

The cement silos at Silver Point on Duck Cove, just upriver of Cementon.

We saw no sign of any ducks, but learned it is considered a good place to anchor by Tug 44

Autumn Morning Upriver
Sat Nov 6 0:00:00 EDT 2010, Upper Hudson River, NY

Upriver Morning
Fri Nov 5 8:56:29 EDT 2010, Upper Hudson River, NY

The view upriver, early in the morning.

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