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Governor Roosevelt
Thu Nov 25 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

The stately tug, Governor Roosevelt.

Long Stretch
Wed Nov 24 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

There are lots of long stretches like this in the Erie Canal.

Leaking Doors
Tue Nov 23 0:01:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

The leaks in the doors are not a problem, just somewhat interesting to watch.

Misty Approach To Lock 18
Tue Nov 23 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

Lock 18, early in the morning.

Dredge Working
Mon Nov 22 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

Dredge picking up rocks at the side of the river and putting them on the barge.

Lock 17
Sun Nov 21 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

Lock 17 was the only difficult lock we had. Due to the way the water enters this lock, they want all boats to be on one side of the lock, which for boats heading in our direction, would be on the port side. Issuma has reels of rope attached to the lifelines on the port side that prevent coming alongside a wall on the port side.

We talked with the lockmaster, and he was definite about what side we needed to tie up on (and there is a sign to that effect on the lock before it), but said we could back in if we needed to. Backing in would have been relatively easy, except for the corner in the river just before the lock (not seen in the picture), where the water goes around a bridge support. There is a sudden change in the current at this point, which I was unable to get around in reverse.

So we used ropes to shore and, by a combination of pushing and slowly motoring in reverse, backed up to the lock, then we got aboard and reversed into the lock. It took about an hour in total to enter the lock (an advantage in being the only boat heading north this time of year is that you're not delaying anything if you're slow :) ).

Tue Nov 23 18:09:54 EST 2010 | will vandorp
back a few years ago, we had the same unusual request at that lock.
Wed Nov 24 18:01:01 EST 2010 | Richard Hudson
They had a simlar request at another lock further on, but that was due to a teemporary situation--some logs clogging one of the intake valves, I think. After a lot of discussion, they allowed us to lock thru on the side they didn't wan't us on. We were tied bow and stern to wires running vertically down the lock, so we had no problems.
Lock 11
Sat Nov 20 17:48:23 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

Approaching Lock 11

Adirondack Power and Light
Fri Nov 19 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

The old Adirondack Power and Light generating station.

Tied to the wall is a self-propelled barge (note the outboard motor).

Thu Nov 18 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

Hydroelectric dam beside a lock on the Erie Canal. There are several dams along the route, supplying electricity for the area.

Canal Tugboat
Wed Nov 17 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

The tugboats on the Erie Canal always seem to be nicely painted.

Thu Dec 2 6:10:11 EST 2010 | Missy Peterson
New York State colours.

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