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Thu Dec 2 0:00:00 EST 2010, Oswego, NY

The last three locks of the Oswego Canal are in Oswego. In the picture, Issuma is on the extreme left, under a bridge on the canal, and the Oswego River is on the right.

Issuma stayed in the canal for about a week between the last two locks, to work on getting the rigging ready for the masts to be put back up. Maggie's vacation ended, so she went back to her job, and I finished the preparation work on the rigging.

Issuma left the Oswego Canal on November 14, the day before the canal system closed for the season. Issuma was the last boat to go north on the canal this year.

Thu Dec 2 6:19:53 EST 2010 | Missy Peterson
Hello Richard, Just caught up with your adventures. I was in England 19 Oct-11Nov. Had a wonderful visit with friends and family. Sylvia and Olga were here for Thanksgiving last week. Seem to be doing fine. How often to do you have to replace the rigging wires? Keep warm.
Thu Dec 2 8:09:10 EST 2010 | Richard Hudson
Hello Missy, welcome back, glad to hear you had a great visit.

There is no definitive answer on how often one needs to replace the rigging wires. It depends on things like what type of wires were used, how hard the boat has sailed, how much time was spent in the tropics (wires corrode faster there), ow flexible the rig and hull are.

I've been working on replacing the rigging wires for a year, and am now almost finished.
Tue Nov 30 19:06:09 EST 2010, Oswego, NY

Tue Nov 30 18:48:38 EST 2010, Oswego, NY

People fishing in the Oswego River.

Mon Nov 29 12:00:00 EST 2010, Fulton, NY

Fulton is a clean and pleasant place, the largest city in the area along the canal.

Oswego Canal
Mon Nov 29 0:00:00 EST 2010, Oswego Canal, NY

Replacing Rigging Wires
Sun Nov 28 0:00:00 EST 2010, Fulton, NY

Maggie laying out the old rigging wires alongside the new ones so the new wires can be cut to the correct size.

Tue Nov 30 14:49:50 EST 2010 | yann
i am sure you will feel better! :)
Tue Nov 30 19:17:56 EST 2010 | Richard Hudson
When the rigging wire replacement is finally finished, yes, I will feel better :)
In the Lock
Sat Nov 27 17:59:41 EST 2010, Oswego Canal, NY

In the lock, waiting for the doors to open.

Fri Nov 26 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

The sign at the intersection of the Erie and Oswego Canals. At this point, we left the Erie Canal (which continues to Buffalo), and entered the Oswego Canal (which goes to Lake Ontario).

Governor Roosevelt
Thu Nov 25 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

The stately tug, Governor Roosevelt.

Long Stretch
Wed Nov 24 0:00:00 EST 2010, Erie Canal, NY

There are lots of long stretches like this in the Erie Canal.

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