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St Lawrence River
Fri May 27 6:51:10 EDT 2011

Boldt Castle
Wed May 25 10:01:00 EDT 2011

Boldt Castle was built on Heart Island (which was blasted into the shape of a heart) by a wealthy New Yorker, George Boldt as a tribute of love for his wife. Mr Boldt's wife unfortunately died before construction was complete, so construction was stopped.

Boldt Castle
Wed May 25 10:00:00 EDT 2011

See entry above.

Thousand Islands
Wed May 25 0:00:00 EDT 2011

Thousand Islands
Tue May 24 10:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, NY


Mon May 23 0:00:00 EDT 2011, Clayton, NY

View of Issuma anchored at Clayton.

Mon May 23 19:36:05 EDT 2011 | Jesse
Good to see you back to sailing. Hope all is well.
Are you planning on stopping around these parts again? Plans to continue going south? I look forward to seaing you again one of these days.

Smooth sailing in all,
Tue May 24 5:46:47 EDT 2011 | will
issuma looks good. happy sailing.
Thu May 26 20:31:51 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Thanks, Will & Jesse.

At some point I will head back to New York, but for the moment, I`m heading east and north.
Dan's Place
Sun May 22 10:41:00 EDT 2011, Cape Vincent, NY

While docked at the fisheries building in Cape Vincent, we had to walk past this strange junk shop on our way to the library or the store. It had so much interesting junk in the window that you couldn't even see inside. Like most of the stores in Cape Vincent I assumed it was only open in the summer, but one day I looked a little closer and saw some signs saying 'Emergency Gift Shop' (with an arrow pointing upstairs) and "Ring bell for service; Dogs will get me". So I got AM (the other crewman) from the boat and we went back to Dan's Place and climbed the stairs up the side of the building and rang the big brass bell. Sure enough, the scotties started barking and a few minutes later a dark figure could be seen lumbering up to the window.

Dan opened the door and we explained that we simply couldn't resist ringing the bell after reading the sign and that we didn't really need to buy anything but we had to see his shop before we left town. So he let us in down stairs and sat and waited for us to go through everything. I felt I had to buy something from him for making him open up his shop for us, but I couldn't find anything I really needed. I ended up buying an antique washboard which I'll be using more often as a musical instrument. A necessary item for a long sailing trip. I actually haggled up the price for it when he was trying to give me a deal. I'm not a good haggler. AM found a dusty old copy of the I Ching and a music box with a hauntingly lovely little song.

Sun May 22 9:33:36 EDT 2011, Clayton, NY

Clayton is a picturesque village in the Thousand Islands.

Sun May 22 11:13:46 EDT 2011 | Terry
richard .... your not going going thru the canel to new york ?
Mon May 23 6:44:08 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Hi Terry, yes, we are headed down the St Lawrence seaway, not the Erie Canal.
Wolfe Island
Tue May 17 20:30:00 EDT 2011

Sailing overnight from Sodus Bay to Cape Vincent, we saw many bright red flashing lights from many miles away that were not on my charts (which are a few years out of date). Someone had mentioned earlier that there was a wind generator farm on Wolfe Island, which was quite noticeable from Cape Vincent, so we figured that was probably what it was. As dawn broke, it became clear they were wind generators. Jordan took this picture of Wolfe Island from Cape Vincent a few evenings later.

We spent several days in Cape Vincent, NY, which is a pleasant, boater-friendly place. At first we were finishing up some work on the boat, then there were several days of strong headwinds that were better spent in port.

Thu May 19 22:33:12 EDT 2011 | Don P
Beautiful photo. Keep up the good work.
Fri May 20 21:33:56 EDT 2011 | will vandorp
wolfe island wind turbines . . brought to you by . . . BP!! i was up there last july.
Thousand Islands
Tue May 10 10:17:03 EDT 2011

Lighthouse at the western end of the scenic Thousand Islands area (Lake Ontario/St Lawrence River).

Tue May 10 15:03:08 EDT 2011 | yann
what's your ETA for "blue cheese"?
Sun May 15 12:03:22 EDT 2011 | george ray
?blue cheese?
Wed May 18 0:56:47 EDT 2011 | Victor
Blue Cheese only in Quebec City at the Citadel.

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