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Thu Jun 9 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Raccoon watching Issuma from the side of the canal (parts of the St Lawrence Seaway are canals).

Looking Back
Wed Jun 8 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Sat Jun 11 16:55:56 EDT 2011 | Gordon Lewis
Great to see the current pictures Jordan. Why don't you identify yourselves in the Photos-- tag. Nice to see the wildlife that stalk your passage like the raccoon. A very prevalent problem in Toronto. Might make a business capturing them and shipping them back up here to the farm where we can put them to work pulling weeds and rebuilding the sauna.
Heard you were doing some repairs . Are you back on the chemin or are you going to hunt the curly black haired wood pecker on the French Island.
All the young down easterners are lining up to go to the AUM festival. Luke slept over last night on his way out to Jasper. Kaylah's got a sore throat and lots of pluck.
take care yer sea worthy rascals-- Hurrrr. Gord
Exiting Lock
Tue Jun 7 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Lock Door
Mon Jun 6 18:00:00 EDT 2011

The Way Out
Mon Jun 6 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, NY

View from the deck of Issuma of the lock doors opening after descending about 15m/50'. There is a lock worker standing up, watching, in the upper left of the picture.

Mon Jun 6 15:36:43 EDT 2011 | yann
and soon, Montreal, Quebec, belugas.... have a nice trip!
Tue Jun 7 20:12:05 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Thanks, Yann.
Looking Down
Sun Jun 5 17:22:40 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, Quebec

Lock worker looking down at Issuma.

Looking Up
Sun Jun 5 16:26:14 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, NY

Looking up the wall of a lock in the St Lawrence Seaway. The spreaders of Issuma are just visible on the upper left. Small vessels like Issuma do not use the bollards that are set into the wall in this picture.

Sat Jun 4 10:54:37 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, NY

This is one of the two American locks in the St Lawrence (the other five are in Canada). Jordan is tending the bow line here as we descend. In the American locks, you pass your lines (ropes) around floating bollards--the yellow steel thing labeled `5` that slide up and down the lock side with the water level.

St Lawrence River
Sat Jun 4 10:21:58 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, Quebec

Two Lakers
Sun May 29 10:24:11 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, Ontario

Two lakers, the Gordon C. Leitch (right) and Canadian Enterprise (left) pass each other in the channel of the St Lawrence Seaway. Lakers are tankers or freighters designed for the Great Lakes, they fit into the locks of the St Lawrence Seaway, and they have the bridge (where the ship is controlled from) forward.

Mon May 30 14:39:25 EDT 2011 | luke lewis
You guys should get in touch with me if you're passing Trois Rivieres before June 10th. I'll also be in Montreal June 4&5. Take Care!
Tue May 31 19:04:21 EDT 2011 | Amos
Richard, how grand to see you underway! Wish you great luck and smooth passage. When do you plan on reaching Greenland?

(Wouldn't you have had to take down the masts to pass by the Canal?)

Wishing you the best,

Wed Jun 1 21:19:12 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson

Sorry, the blog is a ways behind and we won`t be able to meet up. We`re past Trois Rivieres, in Quebec City at the moment.

Thanks, because we took the St Lawrence Seaway instead of the Erie Canal (which is a much easier route if going to NYC), there was no need to take down the masts.



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