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Protection Gate
Wed Jun 15 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

The protection gate is put down in front of the far lock door when vessels enter the lock. It is there to stop a vessel from accidentally going too far and damaging the lock doors. While Issuma is way too small to damage those lock doors, the procedure is followed for all vessels entering the lock.

In The Lock
Tue Jun 14 21:15:49 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Swing Bridge
Tue Jun 14 21:01:45 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Swing bridge opens to let us into the lock

Green Light
Sun Jun 12 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

When the lock is ready, they put the green light on, and we can enter.

Lift Bridge
Sat Jun 11 19:46:40 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

The bridge was opened for the Hellespont Chieftain, and we followed her through.

St Lawrence River
Sat Jun 11 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, Quebec

Channel marker and building on shore.

Sat Jun 11 14:59:06 EDT 2011 | George Ray
Glad to see you making progress and continued thanks for sharing pictures. The sailblogs map has you still back at Wolfe IS /Boldt Castle ?
Sat Jun 11 19:37:18 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Thanks, George. I'm behind on the blug and don't have exact positions for most of the pictures I've been putting up, but have now updated my position.
Mon Jun 27 16:30:03 EDT 2011 | Scott nyc
Hi Richard,
Much enjoyment living life vicariously thru you and following Issuma. What camera are you shooting with? Reason I ask is that here at the magazine we get a few cameras with gps positioning ability inside and I could mention your blog and travels to someone who would load you a camera in return for a review if you are interested. It might make for some interesting reading as well as some publicity for both involved. Hope to see you again soon and happy sailing. Scott
Tue Jun 28 6:48:24 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Hello Scott,

Good to hear from you, glad you're enjoying the blog.

Hope you are doing well and getting some good sailing in.

I started out shooting pictures for the blog with a Pentax Optio WP waterproof camera. When the custom battery in that camera died, I was in Brazil and unable to buy another one, so I switched to a non-waterproof Tron camera, which I used for a year until it got wet.

I then used a Nikon Coolpix for a year until it got wet.

For the last couple of months, I have been shooting the blog pictures with a Fuji Finepix S.

I also have a GoPro Hero waterproof helmet-cam, but I'm using that strictly for video (and am only at the learning stage of how to film with it).

Yes, I would be interested in using a camera with GPS in exchange for a review.

St Lawrence River
Fri Jun 10 7:39:26 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Thu Jun 9 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Raccoon watching Issuma from the side of the canal (parts of the St Lawrence Seaway are canals).

Looking Back
Wed Jun 8 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

Sat Jun 11 16:55:56 EDT 2011 | Gordon Lewis
Great to see the current pictures Jordan. Why don't you identify yourselves in the Photos-- tag. Nice to see the wildlife that stalk your passage like the raccoon. A very prevalent problem in Toronto. Might make a business capturing them and shipping them back up here to the farm where we can put them to work pulling weeds and rebuilding the sauna.
Heard you were doing some repairs . Are you back on the chemin or are you going to hunt the curly black haired wood pecker on the French Island.
All the young down easterners are lining up to go to the AUM festival. Luke slept over last night on his way out to Jasper. Kaylah's got a sore throat and lots of pluck.
take care yer sea worthy rascals-- Hurrrr. Gord
Exiting Lock
Tue Jun 7 0:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence Seaway, Quebec

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