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Milner Tickle
Sat Jul 9 22:55:24 EDT 2011, Chateau Bay, Labrador

Right next to Henley Harbor is Milner Tickle, which is the narrow body of water (which is what a "tickle" is in Labrador) is in the picture. We passed here on our way to anchor near Henley Harbor.

Sun Jul 10 10:07:14 EDT 2011 | terry
current/position seems to be working ... your apx 200 miles south of Battle Habor
Henley Harbor
Thu Jul 7 10:02:00 EDT 2011, Henley Harbor, Labrador, Canada

We sat out some headwinds at anchor near the abandoned settlement of Henley Harbor, Labrador. The old buildings of the village remain and are interesting to see. I managed to step on a rusty nail (fortunately I have had a recent tetanus injectino) while wandering around, so hobbled a bit for the next few days :).

Sat Jul 9 18:46:10 EDT 2011 | terry
richard .... your current/position .... is not working ... i can't find your position .... can you fix it ?? we wanna see where are .
Sat Jul 9 23:01:01 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
I think the position map should be working now...I don't always put the lat/long of the position of the picture into the posts, so the map doesn't always get updated.
Sun Jul 10 8:34:06 EDT 2011 | george ray
Position has been consistently broke for many weeks. I mentioned it a while back and you did some sort of update but after that it went back to always showing you in portugal, go figure ?
L'Anse au Loup Lighthouse
Mon Jul 4 0:00:00 EDT 2011, L'Anse au Loup, Labrador, Canada

The lighthouse at L'Anse au Loup (French for Wolf Cove) shining through the light mist.

Sun Jul 3 16:53:55 EDT 2011, Strait of Belle Isle, Labrador, Canada

I am not sure what kind of whale this is.

Mon Jul 4 15:56:21 EDT 2011 | brian
Could they be minke [grumpus]?

Getting close to Nain again.
Tue Jul 5 15:44:43 EDT 2011 | yann
I would say a humpback whale
nice picture, congratulations
Sat Jul 9 23:02:21 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Thanks, Brian and Yann.

Yes,we are gettng closer to Nain, but not sure if/when we will get there :)
Whale Ahead
Sun Jul 3 10:02:00 EDT 2011, Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada

Barely visible in this picture (the black dot), is a whale. We have seen a lot of whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence. They are not so easy to take pictures of.

We spent 10 days in Rimouski, Quebec, doing maintenance (mostly replacing hydraulic pressure hoses, keel bolts and fuel hoses). Rimouski is a small, pleasant city of about 40,000 people. As its port is used by yachts, a fishing fleet and cargo ships, and it has the only marine college in Quebec, it is a good place to work on boats.

AM's time off finished so he got off the boat in Tadoussac, Quebec. Ryan joined the crew in Rimouski.

Sat Jul 2 10:02:00 EDT 2011, Godbout, Quebec

Looking up the creek.

Godbout Church
Fri Jul 1 10:02:00 EDT 2011, Godbout, Quebec

We anchored off the village of Godbout one night. At one time, they had a pulp and paper mill here, now it is a small, scenic spot where the ferry comes from across the river (St Lawrence).

Dried Out
Thu Jun 30 10:02:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, Quebec

Tides are very useful. We used the tides to put Issuma on the beach in the lower St Lawrence River to remove some barnacles that were clogging the seawater intake valve. The anchor is out so we can use it to pull the boat off the beach when the tide comes back in.

Fri Jul 1 16:12:09 EDT 2011 | terry
richard .... you have swing keel ... how does it work ... ok?
Sun Jul 3 16:25:29 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Terry, the swing keel works well. Because it must be locked down when sailing (so in case the boat heels it cannot swing up), and there are pads to screw in to hold it in place laterally, it is a fair amount of work to raise or lower it, and one always needs to pay attention to where it is and if it is locked or not. That said, the lifting keel is really handy to allow getting into shallow places, and makes it much easier to enter places for which one doesn't have good charts.
St Lawrence River
Wed Jun 29 18:00:00 EDT 2011, St Lawrence River, Quebec

Federal Oshima passes us with the pretty hills of the St Lawrence in the background.

Thu Jun 30 19:51:39 EDT 2011 | terry
St Lawrence River
Wed Jun 29 10:02:00 EDT 2011

Issuma at anchor in the lower St Lawrence River. Fog, as seen in the background, is more common closer to the coast.

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