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Tue Jan 17 15:17:47 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Tue Jan 17 18:19:20 EST 2012 | Ron Ouwehand
Good to see your back Richard! Thanks for your visit and interesting talk. Stay warm and keep the blog going. There are many who enjoy and look forward to this posting daily.
Wed Jan 18 9:11:48 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Thanks very much, Ron.
Wed Jan 18 9:11:49 EST 2012 | Amos
I thought you'd be in NYC doing your slide show by now!

Wed Jan 18 9:18:14 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
I am in NYC now, but Issuma is still in Sitka :)
I did a presentation last week in Toronto at the Polish Canadian Yacht Club. I'm doing another in NYC tonight and on Saturday.
Sun Jan 15 21:39:27 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Fri Jan 13 21:55:29 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Thu Jan 12 11:38:37 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

The anchor chain is quite visible on Nordic Lass's anchor winch. I'm sure there is wire cable on the drum under the chain.

Thu Jan 12 18:29:09 EST 2012 | george ray
nice to see the anchor chain .... wonder how much chain is commonly used.
Fri Jan 13 21:47:14 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
I'm going to have to ask someone about that. I suspect no more than a boatlength worth of chain.
Wed Jan 11 14:12:36 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Wed Jan 11 17:33:32 EST 2012 | george ray
m/v Leif H has a foredeck winch like m/v Sitka Spruce. Richard, what can you say about anchoring with cable? Are you doing it? That depths are they anchoring in? What size/type cable?
Wed Jan 11 17:53:56 EST 2012 | Terry
ny thought about using wire .... IT'S CHEAPER !!
Wed Jan 11 22:29:26 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
George, the most common anchor cable setup I have seen on Alaskan fishing boats is some chain attached to the anchor, and then a lot of wire cable. No snubbers.

The fishing boats do have lead weights, though (for fishing with), and they can be slid down the wire cable to where the chain attaches, adding a lot of weight close to the anchor.

I can't say quite what depths or what scope is used, but Alaska is a deep-water place.

The cable is just galvanized steel wire, nothing special as far as I can tell.

A few weeks back we discussed the use of wire for anchor cable in more detail here, .

I'm quite interested in the use of wire/chain anchor rodes, but am not using them myself.

Terry, yes, wire is much cheaper than chain and rope. A drum winch that brings a long mixed (ie chain and wire, or chain and rope) anchor rode up without any messing about with stopping off one part while switching to a different type of winch drum has a lot of appeal.
Sun Jan 8 12:00:00 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Sun Jan 8 19:03:13 EST 2012 | george ray
Looks like Sitka Spruce has a cable winch for anchoring with wire cable? Do you see that much?
Sun Jan 8 21:19:09 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
What I see a lot of is hydraulic winches that use wire cable with a chain leader for anchoring. I think both the anchor and chain have been removed from Sitka Spruce (perhaps for the off-season), and that is why they only have wire on the anchor winch.
Mon Nov 26 6:45:39 EST 2012 | chris stock
I'm the new owner of the Sitka Spruce. Bought her in July on 2011. I live in Philadelphia, but travel there as often as possible to fix her up.
Sat Jan 7 12:20:38 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Fri Jan 6 9:42:42 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Fri Jan 6 17:30:01 EST 2012 | George Ray
Sea Lion looks like she might be a 'Buy Boat', taking the catch from fishing boats to the fish house ??
Sat Jan 7 9:20:31 EST 2012 | will
built 1946. wooden hull. almost has the lines of a buoy tender in a prior life, but i can find no evidence. hmmm? how long you plan to stay in alaska?
Sat Jan 7 12:11:17 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
George and Will, thanks for the comments. I just rowed by one day and took a picture, thinking it was a self-propelled barge, but not knowing its purpose. Will, when you found it was built in 1946, I guess you also found out it is a passenger vessel used for eco-tourism.
Tug Adak Tachometer
Thu Jan 5 12:43:48 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

This is the tachometer in the engine room of Adak.

As it is a big, slow-turning engine. the redline is about 350 rpm in either forward or reverse.

Tug Adak
Wed Jan 4 12:52:02 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

The starboard side of the engine. As I understand it, this is both the intake and exhaust manifold.

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