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Presentation Sunday in Sitka
Tue Feb 14 13:01:36 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

I'll be giving a presentation on Sailing the Northwest Passage next Sunday at 5PM at the Kettleson Memorial Library in Sitka.

Tue Feb 14 15:57:38 EST 2012 | Dave Z
Wish we could be there! If you swing by WarmSprings Bay (E side of Baranof) before May, please drop by... would love to meet you. We're at the Lodge (1st docks, N side).

Dave and Anke
Wed Feb 15 13:07:06 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Dave and Anke,

Thanks for the invitation! When some more projects are done I'll plan to come over, as I'd like to meet you also.

Thu Feb 16 4:15:13 EST 2012 | george ray
Glad your speaking tour is going well. . . . .
I seem to recall that the Dave and Anke boating story is a very interesting one. ( )
Fri Feb 17 14:52:43 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
George, thanks. Yes, Dave & Anke do have interesting boating stories on their website and blog .
Baking on Issuma
Tue Feb 7 12:00:00 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

In the picture, I am mixing the meringue for a lemon-meringe pie. The lemon pie can be seen in the rectangular pan. The rectangular pan pretty much takes up the entire rack of the oven. I whittled down the end of a wooden spoon so it would fit into the chuck of the cordless drill to mix things like meringue with. The cordless-drill-with-wooden-spoon method worked better than trying to mix meringue by hand, however, when I got to Alaska, I found a hand-powered egg-beater for sale in a store, which does an even better job.

Issuma has an old Plastimo gas oven. Surprisingly, both the burner and the chimney are at the back of the oven, so most of the heat produced went straight up the chimney. This meant the back of the oven got hot and burnt stuff and the front of the oven stayed cool and didn't cook. I made a heat deflector for the oven which greatly improved things.

Offshore, I tend to bake bread most days. In warm climates, I make yeast bread, using either regular yeast or sourdough yeast. I have not had much luck with getting yeast breads to rise in cold climates, as yeast is quite picky about temperature, and I don't yet have a warm and secure place to leave the dough for several hours to rise. In cold climates, I just use baking powder or baking soda (with something acidic to act with the baking soda) for making the dough rise (resulting in much denser breads).

Tue Feb 7 12:38:41 EST 2012 | Loughlin
Long time lurker. What other odd adaptions do you make to handle the cooking.
Tue Feb 7 20:20:29 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Loughlin, welcome. Other than using an insecticide spray bottle (filled with fresh water) to get pressurized fresh water to rinse dishes with, I can't think of any other odd adaptations that I make to handle cooking...
Wed Feb 8 0:10:43 EST 2012 | Victor
I can see after all you are the chef as well contrary to one of your presentation (pop-corn). There is an instant yeast on the market not as picky as regular to proof the dough. Gerard Natanek of Nekton NWP 2006 was the master of the galley along his nephew Luc while Ania Cieslicka-Natanek was doing it full time. They got from locals at about North Cape hind piece of caribou and made a master piece out of it. They didn't have Alaska cucumbers for desert at that time.
Wed Feb 8 0:22:04 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Victor, thanks, I'll check into the instant yeast. Popcorn is my favorite boat-food, but one can't live on popcorn alone (people need pie as well :) ).
Wed Feb 8 19:23:59 EST 2012 | bowsprite
I will have to give you my scallion pancake recipe. It's just flour & water, not greasy, fast and easy. I roll in scallions (you could use onions, shallots, pickled peppers) and some tinned fish like herring. So good! Pan fries quickly in a skillet.

But, where will you roll out the dough? hmmm.
Wed Feb 8 21:58:47 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Christina, thank you, I would like your scallion pancake recipe. There is a little space to roll dough on the counter.
Tue Feb 14 16:17:33 EST 2012 | Dave Z
Two comments:

Re Heat LOST up the Chimney - You can add a damper... high on the stove-pipe lets it radiate longer into the cabin. High or low, it will 'back' heat into and around the oven.

Consider a stop screw to prevent sailing motion from closing, and a CO monitor (in case damper doesn't allow adequate draft, backing CO into cabin... will depend on the stove's design... dangerous if not compatible).

RE Bread Rising Aboard - In the old days they used hayboxes (TJones describes them in ONE HAND FOR YOURSELF, ONE FOR THE SHIP). Essentially an insulated box or bag, closely fit to a pot. You can add a concrete (or other thermal mass) that can be preheated for baking in the box

These are great for cooking directly, or holding warm (piping hot soup, mid-watch) or incubating (bread and/or sprouts in cool climes).
Wed Feb 15 4:25:59 EST 2012 | Dave Z
Whoops... shot my mouth off, RE HEAT LOST. Upon actual research, I came across PERSONS WHO CONDUCT TESTS. Under COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS, I found this:

"3. Using a damper in the chimney helps to make a stove work better.


Again, slowing down the draft in a cooking stove is usually detrimental. Dampers should not be used in a well designed cooking stove."

Their tests show that "Hot flue gases need increased velocity to achieve good heat transfer."

Full article at

Though about wood-fired stoves, the gas flow analyses apply to all combustion stoves.
Wed Feb 15 12:59:39 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Dave, thanks very much for your comments. I probably should have used a different word than "chimney", as the exhaust gases from the Plastimo gas oven exit the oven at the top of the unit, not via an external chimney, so it would not be possible to put a damper on this cooker.

I have "barometric" dampers on my Dickinson cabin heaters. They certainly improve the amount of heat that stays in the cabin, but have problems with waves and heeling because they operate via counterweights. I think your stop-screw suggestion might fix that.
I'll read thru the link you mentioned, it looks quite interesting.

I read of the haybox in Tristan Jones' book many years ago, and have had such a thing on my to-do-sometime list for a long time. I hadn't thought of them for sprouting or bread-rising--I was thinking more of slow-cooking/keeping warm soups and stews in the pressure cooker.

Presentation Next Week in Vancouver
Thu Feb 2 18:22:48 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

I'm giving presentations on Sailing the Northwest Passage next week at the Vancouver Boat Show (

3:00PM Thursday Feb 9,
4:30PM Saturday Feb 11,
11:30AM Sunday Feb 12

Fri Feb 3 18:45:29 EST 2012 | Blair Gillis
If I was closer I would be going to your presentation in Vancouver. I have been following your trip through the north west passage.
Sat Feb 4 21:45:23 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Blair, thank you. Sorry I'm not closer to Labrador.
Sun Feb 12 5:50:23 EST 2012 | george ray
Hope the boat show talks are going well.
Mon Feb 13 8:06:36 EST 2012 | Doug
Richard, Please relate your presentation experiences at various Boat Shows - what are people interested in learning about your NWP? Is there still a spirit of adventure and exploration out there? What preconceived ideas do people have about the Arctic and NWP? Do they know who discovered the NWP? That there are many NWP routes?
Tue Feb 14 11:22:51 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
George, thanks.

Doug, there is definitely a spirit of adventure and exploration out there. Audiences seemed to vary from those who had sailed the NWP or were planning to do so, to those interested in hearing and seeing an adventure story. My talk was mostly about my trip, with a little background information and a map of general NWP routes. I think the audience already knew at least some of the history of the NWP. I didn't ask about what ideas people in the audience had about the Arctic or the NWP (I didn't really ask many questions of the audiences, perhaps I should have, but time was limited).

Tue Jan 31 13:32:26 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Tropical Sunrise
Tue Jan 24 12:01:24 EST 2012

As it's midwinter in Alaska, I thought I'd post a tropical sunrise picture for variety. The picture was taken in the South Atlantic, near Brazil.

Tue Jan 24 22:20:37 EST 2012 | Victor
Good picture, it warms me up. NW winds, it must be above 25S while open hatch would worry me at lee side as you were sailing single hand then.
Fri Jan 27 13:36:14 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Victor, thanks. I wasn't concerned about the little hatch as the winds were steady and that hatch is small. I've since replaced that hatch with bolted-down plywood. When I find some thick enough plastic, I'll replace the plywood with clear plastic.
Sun Jan 22 10:33:07 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Presentation Saturday in New York
Thu Jan 19 16:18:21 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

I'm giving a talk about Sailing the Northwest Passage this Saturday in midtown Manhattan, for Frank's Art Evenings.
Duke Ellington Party Room, 2nd Floor
400 W 43rd Street (at 9th Avenue)
New York, NY 10128 US

Doors open 5PM, talk starts 6:15PM.
No admission, just know that you need to come to the Duke Ellington room
on the second floor.

****Everyone is asked to bring something for others to drink***

Thu Jan 19 23:31:29 EST 2012 | Victor
For all of you who attended Toronto meeting to see photos please contact me like Don Proctor & Brian of Bluffers Park Marina. We had good meeting with Richard and former NWP sailors of 2006 "s/y Nekton". Hope we will see another spectacle in N.Y.
Mon Jan 23 18:07:53 EST 2012 | Douglas
Richard, Did anyone video your presentation and upload it to
Tue Jan 24 7:05:02 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Doug, both my presentations in New York were taped, but neither has been uploaded. Exactly what will be done with the raw footage hasn't been decided yet.

There are some pictures from one of the presentations at

Wed Jan 18 9:23:25 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Wed Jan 18 12:30:37 EST 2012 | Joe Berta
Richard, is there by any chance a recording of your presentation in Toronto? - video perhaps? I would have loved to go but we're in the Keys until the end of Feb.
Just to resonate Ron Ouwehand's comment, yes, I am one of the mnay looking forward to your postings and pictures every day.....
Wed Jan 18 19:53:27 EST 2012 | terry
richard ... nice to meet you in toronto ....
Wed Jan 18 20:10:54 EST 2012 | george ray
YES!! a video of you presentation and post on YouTube !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed Jan 18 20:31:32 EST 2012 | Victor
As I recall, Tim was recording the meeting on video, may be has it. I have only few photos.
Fri Jan 20 23:28:04 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Thanks for the thoughts. I do have some video of the presentation, but it is from two cameras, and hasn't been edited, so isn't really in a condition to be released at this time.
If you'd still like to see it, email me.
Tue Jan 17 15:17:47 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

Tue Jan 17 18:19:20 EST 2012 | Ron Ouwehand
Good to see your back Richard! Thanks for your visit and interesting talk. Stay warm and keep the blog going. There are many who enjoy and look forward to this posting daily.
Wed Jan 18 9:11:48 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
Thanks very much, Ron.
Wed Jan 18 9:11:49 EST 2012 | Amos
I thought you'd be in NYC doing your slide show by now!

Wed Jan 18 9:18:14 EST 2012 | Richard Hudson
I am in NYC now, but Issuma is still in Sitka :)
I did a presentation last week in Toronto at the Polish Canadian Yacht Club. I'm doing another in NYC tonight and on Saturday.
Sun Jan 15 21:39:27 EST 2012, Sitka, AK

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