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Thu May 1 16:12:35 EDT 2008

Issuma is still in France, and George and I are at Newark airport.

Several people have asked how long the preparation has been for this trip. The preparation started in January, with a trip out to France to see the boat (I had it surveyed before I bought it, but I was not able to visit it until afterwards).

The departure date was decided upon in mid-January. The choice of departure date was determined mostly by these things:
* spring tides (the highest tides, about 8 metres or 25 feet in this area) were in the first week of May, and it was not certain if there would be enough water to move the boat from where it was any other time in May than at high water in the first week
* preparation before the first sail was expected to take the better part of a week
* southern routes across the Atlantic (East to West) seem best started before June to reduce the chance of encountering a tropical storm
* northern routes across the Atlantic seem best started later in June or July. If there were problems with the boat that caused delays, attempting to take the southern route in May would allow a fallback plan of taking the northern route in June

Fri May 2 11:59:32 EDT 2008 | des & jay
bon voyage to richard and his intrepid crew, for an exciting (and very safe) journey. we'll be thinking of you and entreating mother nature for calm seas and great weather for you. see you soon. :o) des, jay and gus
Sun May 4 4:59:02 EDT 2008 | Vetri
Hi Rich, Have a nice journey and enjoy every second of it. Post more photos.
Issuma's TransAtlantic Passage Preparation
Tue Apr 29 22:49:43 EDT 2008, 48 35.73'N:004 39.88'W

Richard and his intrepid crew are buzzing about preparing to fly to France to pick up Issuma, his new 16m (52') steel schooner, and bring her across the Atlantic. Richard and George are flying out Thursday, May 1, 2008, an auspicious day upon which to begin an adventure! Al and Peter will arrive a few days later.

Upon arriving in L'Aber Wrac'h in the northwest of France, Richard and George will begin stocking Issuma with supplies and sustenance. Once all crew is gathered, they will undertake a test sail into the English Channel. Barring any need for significant repairs, they will begin their journey. Exciting times ahead!

For those who have not lived in the Arctic, Issuma is an Inuktitut (Eskimo) word meaning knowledge, idea or wisdom.

A word from the cook.
George Ray
Tue Apr 29 15:53:03 EDT 2008, Southport, NC, USA

We are getting close to departure from USA to France to meet the schooner Issuma and get underway. Lots to do and lots to figure out. There is hardly time to dot every 'i' and cross every 't' so the challenge is to do a reasonable job of assigning priorities. Lots of nice and knowledgeable folks have added their experience to the effort. Meteorological-Hank and WorldCapt-Martin come to mind.

Wed Apr 30 6:12:51 EDT 2008 | Robert&Rose
Dear George,

We wish a great crossing for you and your team! (good food too!) Nice looking craft. Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Your cottage is looking good here in Starboard!Best wishes from Robert & Rose
Wed Apr 30 7:08:26 EDT 2008 | S/V Haanli
Dear Richard, George and the rest of the intrepid team: Lisa and I look forward to following your progress and living your adventure vicariously. Fair winds and following seas. Hank and Lisa
Wed Apr 30 8:37:31 EDT 2008 | Annette Lasley
Have a GREAT trip, and bring home LOTS of pictures and tales to tell. I shall be thinking of you.
Lots of love,
Wed Apr 30 12:51:59 EDT 2008 | phil
Wow, great news, Richard! Hope all goes well with the survey, and no major refit issues encountered. Wish I could come along for the return trip, and best wishes for smooth sailing back west.

Wed Apr 30 23:20:32 EDT 2008 | Martin Petersen
Hej Scooter
Wish you a super trip - and take care in the English Channel!
Martin (Denmark ...)

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