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Light Winds, Flat Seas, Blue Skies
Sun Jun 1 10:12:05 EDT 2008, Off the coast of Portugal -- 41 47.0'N:11 26.0'W

We departed Vigo, Spain yesterday, and with good winds reached speeds of 7 knots with waves breaking over the boat. Today we have light winds, flat seas, and blue skies. Not moving fast, but at least it's beautiful.

Sun Jun 1 21:47:22 EDT 2008 | marybeth
Glad you're on your way once more.Also happy to see the blog active again.Fair winds and love to the cook.
Wed Jun 4 14:33:37 EDT 2008 | Sif
Great that things are going well. Most of us ordinary people wouldn´t mind a few days out there with you in the sun.
Stay save and enjoy it.
Furlers Repaired, Now Departing Vigo, Spain
Sat May 31 0:06:11 EDT 2008, Departing Vigo, Spain

Furlers have been cleaned and lubricated, some furling lines replaced. We are off!!

Hope you all are well.

s/v Issuma

Contemplating Las Islas Atlanticas
Fri May 30 0:03:29 EDT 2008, Vigo, Spain

We are working on the furler in a beautiful anchorage in Parque Nacional De Las Islas Atlanticas, Rio De Vigo.

Furler problems 100mi offshore
Thu May 29 23:58:16 EDT 2008

Back to Vigo, Spain to evaluate and repair. The forewardmost furler for the Yankee jib has seized up in the upper portions of the mechanism. We were fortunate to be able to get it furled with the help of a cabin top winch. Hopefully the forcing did no extra harm. This is the anchorage for tonight, the islands at the entrance to Rio de Vigo.

Depart Vigo for Azores today
Tue May 27 23:55:19 EDT 2008

Wx router says to head out toward Azores asap.

Best to all,

Fix mast tricolor & fab bow light on pulpit
Fri May 23 23:53:27 EDT 2008, Vigo, Spain

Keeping busy. Soon it will be time to leave.

Waterfront in Vigo, Spain
Tue May 20 23:51:00 EDT 2008, Vigo, Spain

This is on the same wharf where we are tied up.

Approaching Vigo, Spain
Mon May 19 23:45:25 EDT 2008, 40mi South of Cabo Finisterre

We are 40mi South of Cabo Finisterre.
We'll clear customs, lay over for a couple of days to work on some small issues that need addressing, and provision for the next leg.

Mon May 19 15:03:29 EDT 2008, Vigo, Spain

Boat Birds
Mon May 19 14:55:01 EDT 2008, 47 0.0'N:008 47.00'W

We had a couple of small birds (swallows?) come aboard while we were 100 miles offshore. They didn't seem like seabirds, and seemed to come aboard to get out of the wind. They made themselves quite at home.

Sun Jun 29 16:20:53 EDT 2008 | kris
oh, these are swallows. They migrate around this time[may] to North, maybe they got carried away by the wind and your boat was their life saver. Are they still on board?

It's fun reading your post and seeing pictures of everyone.
Sat Mar 19 13:45:08 EDT 2011 | Rhonda
It's a barn swallow
Did you ever have a bat hitch a ride?
Sat Mar 19 20:49:16 EDT 2011 | Richard Hudson
Ahhh, barn swallows. Thanks for the identification, Kris and Rhonda. Kris, my apologies, I did not see your comment when you made it three years ago :) (sometimes comment notifications dont make it to me when I'm at sea).

Have never had a bat hitch a ride. Some type of seabird made a nest inside the boom when I was in Argentina for a few months. It seemed that a chick or chicks were still in the nest when I sailed away. Until I shined a flashlight into the boom, I didn't understand what the occasional noise was. The chick or chicks flew off one night, I never saw them again (hopefully they were ok, I was fairly close to land when they left).

There was a sad ending to the tale of the barn swallows. We did not know what to feed them, so left bread crumbs, apple pieces and water for them, but they never appeared to eat anything, and one died several hours after the other. We said a few words to commend their bravery for being 100 miles offshore, then buried them at

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