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Children playing on waterfront
Thu May 7 11:45:58 EDT 2009, Maragojiipe, Bahia, Brasil

We had a very brief conversation with the girl in the picture, but you really need to be pretty good at Portuguese to do much talking in rural Brazil.

Fri May 8 20:39:37 EDT 2009 | george Ray
I get the sense that you are way up in the river delta from this picture. How is the water quality? I assume you are in totally fresh water?
Sat May 9 12:44:30 EDT 2009 | Richard Hudson
About 12 miles upriver, as I recall. Still tidal, can't say how salty the water is was still quite salty 4 miles upriver (picture of Issuma at anchor) when we went swimming.
Another Maragojiipe Sailboat
Tue May 5 15:25:24 EDT 2009, Maragojiipe, Bahia, Brasil

Charter sailboat in Maragojiipe. Similar rig (mast from tree) and hull (very wide) to working sailboats.

Wed May 6 15:47:19 EDT 2009 | George Ray
Really Great stuff... thanks.

Could you take time to add a bit of context/history to the posts. Very few words (one additional sentence) would add a bunch for the viewer and in the future when you go back and write your memoirs every small word will be a catalyst for a flood of memories.

thanks again,
no job is too hard for the person that doesn't have to do it!
Thu May 7 11:39:48 EDT 2009 | Richard Hudson
Thanks, George, I will try and add some more details in future.
Domestic Mule
Fri May 1 19:01:00 EDT 2009, Maragojiipe, Bahia, Brasil

Different kind of house pet.

Working Sailboat
Fri May 1 19:00:00 EDT 2009, Maragojiipe, Bahia, Brasil

Loading bricks onto a working sailboat in the wonderfully relaxed market town of Maragojiipe on the Rio Paraguacu. I don't understand why the sails were left up while the boat was at the dock, but the wind was light.

Sat May 2 15:41:35 EDT 2009 | george Ray
Very cool to see working sail. Had you seen examples of working sail in person before?
Sun May 3 5:30:30 EDT 2009 | george Ray
Hope you can get some pictures of the 'working sailboats' on the water sailing and find out a bit more of the hull and rig.
Rio Paraguacu, Bahia, Brasil
Thu Apr 30 12:25:24 EDT 2009

Anchored in the tranquil waters of Rio Paraguacu.

Thu Apr 30 11:00:25 EDT 2009, Salvador, Brazil

Pelhouinho street scene.

Bahian Fishing boat
Wed Apr 29 18:32:29 EDT 2009, Itaparica, Bahia, Brasil

This is a fairly common type of fishing boat in Bahia de Todos Santos, Bahia, Brasil, which go out pretty much every day.

Wed Apr 29 0:00:00 EDT 2009, Salvador, Brazil

Pelourinho area of Salvador

Mon Apr 27 15:51:36 EDT 2009, Salvador, Brazil

Making a sugar cane drink on the street.

Mon Apr 27 15:43:26 EDT 2009, Salvador, Brazil

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