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Adventures Aboard Ricks Place a novel by Terry J. Kotas
Who: by Terry J. Kotas
Port: Gig Harbor, WA
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Adventures Aboard Rick's Place

Adventures Aboard S/V Casablanca
08/28/2010, The exciting sequel to Rick's Place

The long awaited sequel to Adventures Aboard Rick's Place will be released September 30, 2010!

So get ready to join Rick as he sets sail once again and experiences the highs and lows of the roller coaster cruising life visiting Mexico's Sea of Cortez and Riviera Coast then across the Pacific to the remote islands of French Polynesia.

This humorous travel-adventure novel is based on the authors true adventures and gives a realistic look at the crazy cruising lifestyle.

The Book.....

Adventures Aboard Rick's Place
Terry J. Kotas

with artwork by
Travis Johnston

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Heidi & Terry

The Story.....

Rick's Place is a story of a solo sailor and is based on the author's adventures, both real and imagined.

Follow Rick through his carefree youth and later as a series of events leave him jobless and wondering just what to do with his life. Then live vicariously through this charming landlubber turned sailor as he lives everybody's dream of escaping the rat race and sailing off into the sunset.

The road to paradise is a bit rocky as Rick faces fear and loneliness when he encounters storms, a stowaway cat and unrequited love along the way. There is also a lot of fun as Rick meets an odd assortment of new friends and quirky characters during his journeys.

The story culminates in a life changing event that once again leaves Rick wondering what to do with his life and you'll find yourself rooting for this resilient young man.

This humorous account will leave you longing to visit the beautiful South Pacific Isles Rick sails to, as well as giving you a realistic look at the adventurous cruising lifestyle experienced by those traveling the Coconut Milk Run.

10/14/2008 | Debbie
Okay I'm sold - the book sounds great and I can't wait for the launching party! Way to go Terry :>)
10/14/2008 | liz
I like the authors photo, I think they got your best feature! ha Ha! Honestly couldn't be happier to have a fun read for this cold dreary winter coming up.
10/18/2008 | Marc Derheim
Looking forward to when I can get a copy of your book. Can't wait.
Retail stores interested in Rick's Place

Adventures Aboard Rick's Place is being distributed through Robert Hale or can be ordered direct from the publisher Black Rose Writing

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Going cruising, escaping that rat race, can be life-changing and that is made very apparent in this lively memoir. Full of memorable characters, honest observation, real emotion and the challenges big and small of cruising to far off isles.

Posted Feb 2010
My husband John bought your (autographed) book at the Seattle Boat Show and it took me one chapter to know I was going to spend nights after John went to bed so I could read your adventures with Jack! I am delighted with the way the book reads - it made me read from one chapter to the next, with no down-time! I didn't need to go sailing to feel the fear of the 'trough'. I didn't need to be there to feel the heavenly sand, vegetation, and see the smiling faces of the locals when Rick described them. I can't wait for your next book. Oh! John can't wait either, and, in fact, he read the last few chapters while we were waiting for our car to be serviced (a two plus hour wait!) and had tears in his eyes a page before the end and again when he finished the last few words!!! This isn't like him. So you wrote a good one, and we want more!

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