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21 April 2017
18 April 2017 | Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands
15 April 2017 | Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands
13 April 2017 | Culebra
11 April 2017 | Francis Bay, St. John USVI
06 April 2017 | Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola
23 March 2017 | Hardyville VA
16 March 2017 | Cushing ME
08 March 2017 | Cushing, Maine
28 February 2017 | Gorda Sound, BVI
23 February 2017 | Jolly Harbor, Antigua
21 February 2017 | Jolly Harbor, Antigua
16 February 2017 | Portsmouth, Dominica
09 February 2017 | The Saintes
08 February 2017 | The Saints
04 February 2017 | Portsmouth, Domina
01 February 2017 | St. Pierre, Martinique
29 January 2017 | St. Anne's, Martinique
25 January 2017 | St. Anne's, Martinique
21 January 2017 | Iles des Saints


21 April 2017
After a wonderful Caribbean season with bare toes in the sand, or at most, nestled in swim fins or sandals, it was a mighty rude awakening last night when I felt my cold toes and had to put on socks. My midnight to four am watch is getting chillier as we go North. In addition to socks, I wore three layers of shirts including a hoodie sweatshirt flipped up to keep my ears and neck warm. And, remember... we are at 22 degrees north latitude....not even up to Florida yet. During the day, though, the sun is shining, the skies are blue and we are back down to tee shirts...just enjoying the day.

We completed Day Two this morning at 8am...averaged just over 9 knots for the second day in a row. The seas are alternately lumpy and flat, but all in all, very comfortable sailing. If we can keep up this speed, we should be into Georgetown by early afternoon tomorrow. Sunday and Monday are supposed to be rainy and very windy, so we'll plan to get underway again on Tuesday...unless, of course, the weather forecast changes....again.

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A Lesson in Patience!

18 April 2017 | Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands
The hardest thing about making a passage is deciding when to leave. After a very rainy, windy day yesterday, we have decided to wait yet another day until the seas settle a bit. If we went today, we would have 10 foot seas, close together, hitting us broadside all day. That just didnt sound like fun, so we opted for comfort. Tomorrow, the waves should be down and farther apart.

We like to start with a forecast for comfortable sailing weather for at least a day or so to allow ourselves to settle in to our offshore routine a bit....especially when it's just the two of us. After that, we can deal with just about anything.

Patience has never been our long suit....we work hard to get everything ready to go and find it painful to twiddle our thumbs....even in paradise. Our friends, Hank and Seale George on Flash are really smart about making their decision about when to leave for passages. We're trying to learn from them.

A Typical Easter Weekend on Culebra!

15 April 2017 | Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands
The jet skies are buzzing...the Salsa music dances across the water....the power boats are lined up cheek-to-jowl in most anchorage. All in all, it's quite entertaining!

Looks like we will have to wait until Tuesday to leave for the Bahamas...some significant cross-waves and squalls will pass by then, hopefully leaving us with 3-4 days of nice 20 knot reaching winds to move north at least as far as Georgetown. We can hope.

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Vessel Name: Archer
Vessel Make/Model: Outremer 51
Hailing Port: Cushing, ME
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