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We are leaving Marathon,Fl. on the 16th. of May and plan on cruising to Georgetown in the southern Exumas.

12 May 2017
10 May 2017
04 May 2017 | Vogel State Park
30 April 2017 | Sweetwater,Tenn
29 April 2017 | Asheville,NC
28 April 2017 | Asheville,NC
27 April 2017 | Greensville,N.C.
25 April 2017 | Dover,N.C.
29 January 2017
21 January 2017
19 January 2017
18 January 2017
17 January 2017

Monday,July,15,2013 8:50pm

15 July 2013 | Little Harbor,Abaco
Capt. Vern
Got up this morning to the wind blowing 20-25mph. We were hoping that we could get out in the dinghy to explore a little more but it was just too windy.I dont think that the wind is ever going to stop. And of coarse we are having problems with the 12 volt current. Since it has been cloudy for almost a solid week,the solar panels have been of no use to recharge the house batteries( six golf cart batteries). We are trying to run the main refig. and a 12 volt freezer plus the lights and two 12 volt fans at night and its taking a toll on the battery output. At night they are reading 11.7 volts most of the time when they should read 12.5+. I have started cutting the freeze off at night and turning it back on in the morning. That seems to be helping a little. Just like this country. More is being taken out than that being put back in and sooner or later something has to give. If we can get three or more days of sunlight we should be ok. I can get 25 amp's out of the panels during full sun light. We did make it to shore today to just get off the boat for awhile. Salty is still limping on his right rear leg. We are hoping that it get's better soon.Around 2pm today a two million dollar plus boat came into the harbor. We later found out he draws five and a half feet so he didn't have much room for error even at high tide.Man and his wife onboard and since the bow was so high off the water she was having a hard time connecting to a mooring ball.I went over in the dinghy and helped hand her the line. About two hours later I was sitting on the back deck drinking a beer during a short thunderstorm and I noticed that the boat was no longer tied to the mooring ball and was drifting toward a stone wall! I called on the vhf radio and thank goodness she had the radio on. Her husband was in the water checking the bottom of the boat so she didn't know it had come lose and by this time it was headed for another boat and the rocks. At this time the wind got worst and it started to pour down rain.I tried to untie our dinghy from the boat to go and help and almost fell in getting into the dinghy.When I got to them there anchor was right on top of the other boats railing bending it down. The lady on the big boat was still trying to get her husband out of the water so he could start the boat.By this time the boat had run aground.I pushed on the one side to try an move the bow out to deeper water and had some success doing that. By this time he had started the engines and put them in reverse and backed into deeper water. I helped them get attached to another mooring ball and came back to our boat. By this time the rain and some of the wind
had stopped. They came over later and brought us two bottles of wine. He said he checked the props and rudders and they looked ok. We think he was in soft sand.If he didn't do any damage to the underwater gear he is LUCKY. Bob was over so we all had sloppy joes for supper and are now getting ready for bed. The video on here today is of out visit to Pete's Pub yesterday.We may leave tomorrow or if the wind is too bad we may stay another day. More nail biting news tomorrow same time same channel-----------------
Vessel Name: Breakaway
Vessel Make/Model: 34' Sea Ray Flybridge
Hailing Port: Okeechobee,Fl.
Crew: Vern,Rose&Salty
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The annual party held at fiddle cay just north of Green Turtle.900 people,free cheezeburgers and free brooze all day.
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