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We are leaving Marathon,Fl. on the 16th. of May and plan on cruising to Georgetown in the southern Exumas.
Monday,July,15,2013 8:50pm
Capt. Vern
07/15/2013, Little Harbor,Abaco

Got up this morning to the wind blowing 20-25mph. We were hoping that we could get out in the dinghy to explore a little more but it was just too windy.I dont think that the wind is ever going to stop. And of coarse we are having problems with the 12 volt current. Since it has been cloudy for almost a solid week,the solar panels have been of no use to recharge the house batteries( six golf cart batteries). We are trying to run the main refig. and a 12 volt freezer plus the lights and two 12 volt fans at night and its taking a toll on the battery output. At night they are reading 11.7 volts most of the time when they should read 12.5+. I have started cutting the freeze off at night and turning it back on in the morning. That seems to be helping a little. Just like this country. More is being taken out than that being put back in and sooner or later something has to give. If we can get three or more days of sunlight we should be ok. I can get 25 amp's out of the panels during full sun light. We did make it to shore today to just get off the boat for awhile. Salty is still limping on his right rear leg. We are hoping that it get's better soon.Around 2pm today a two million dollar plus boat came into the harbor. We later found out he draws five and a half feet so he didn't have much room for error even at high tide.Man and his wife onboard and since the bow was so high off the water she was having a hard time connecting to a mooring ball.I went over in the dinghy and helped hand her the line. About two hours later I was sitting on the back deck drinking a beer during a short thunderstorm and I noticed that the boat was no longer tied to the mooring ball and was drifting toward a stone wall! I called on the vhf radio and thank goodness she had the radio on. Her husband was in the water checking the bottom of the boat so she didn't know it had come lose and by this time it was headed for another boat and the rocks. At this time the wind got worst and it started to pour down rain.I tried to untie our dinghy from the boat to go and help and almost fell in getting into the dinghy.When I got to them there anchor was right on top of the other boats railing bending it down. The lady on the big boat was still trying to get her husband out of the water so he could start the boat.By this time the boat had run aground.I pushed on the one side to try an move the bow out to deeper water and had some success doing that. By this time he had started the engines and put them in reverse and backed into deeper water. I helped them get attached to another mooring ball and came back to our boat. By this time the rain and some of the wind had stopped. They came over later and brought us two bottles of wine. He said he checked the props and rudders and they looked ok. We think he was in soft sand.If he didn't do any damage to the underwater gear he is LUCKY. Bob was over so we all had sloppy joes for supper and are now getting ready for bed. The video on here today is of out visit to Pete's Pub yesterday.We may leave tomorrow or if the wind is too bad we may stay another day. More nail biting news tomorrow same time same channel-----------------

07/16/2013 | Duane and Diane
Good on ya' for helping out like you did. At first I was afraid you had something to do with the mooring not being secure, but then I re-read that you just handed the mate the line. There were surely lucky.
07/16/2013 | Marty
Wow... what a are such a good guy to help and keep an eye on things. He was lucky you all were there.
07/16/2013 | Brian
Great post Vern. From your video, was that your licence plate from your 1st visit? I assume your gen set bit the dust?
Sunday,July 14,2013 6:48pm
Capt. Vern
07/14/2013, Little Harbor,Abaco

We finally left Hope Town this morning around 11 am and headed to little Harbor.This is as far as we are going south in the Abaco. We will spend a couple of days here and then start making our way back.The wind was kind of nice today for a change. Dont know how long that will last. We are on moorings balls here in Little Harbor.I sleep better at night on a mooring ball. After we got here we went up to Petes Pub and looked around a bit and then went for a dinghy ride to explore the area. We are getting ready to go back up to the pub to eat supper. Will take video and hope to post it on tomorrows blog.Have internet here but a little slower. Hope to have more to post tomorrow.---------------

Saturday,July 13,2013
Capt. Vern
07/13/2013, Hope Town,Abaco

|Since we were going to be stuck here another day,Rose,Bob,salty and I thought we would rent a golf cart for the day and travel around the island of Elbow Cay. We had a great time and saw parts of the island we have never seen before.Got back with the cart about 5pm and thought that I would go over to fill up the dinghy with gas before going back to the boat. Gave him my credit card and he came back a few minutes later saying the card was rejected.So Rose had to use her care. When we got back to the boat I got on the computer and checked my bank account and found out there are two charges from Food Lion pending.One for $60.00+ and the other one for $72.00+. Since I am about 200 miles from the closest food lion there must be someone using my card number. So what this is going to mean is that they(the bank) is going to want to put a stop on the card, then issue me another one which they will only send to my home address which means it may be a month before I can use it again! We have already paid the marina but still need to pay the water and electric and also need to pay the fuel for the return trip. Well I guess I better start my calls to the credit card before any more damage can be done. ------------------------

07/14/2013 | Duane and Diane
Sorry to read that. It is a good idea to have a separate card account for such emergencies like that. Good luck!
07/14/2013 | Brian
Vern I had a similar issue with our credit card a few years back. They sent me a temp card buy air while cancelling the original. Kepp exploring. Brian
07/14/2013 | Marty
That is a real bummer! Especially where you are....if it makes you feel better we had to change Discover 2 times last year... Discover caught it each time and called us.
Friday,july 12,2013 4:06 pm
Capt. Vern
07/12/2013, Hope Town,Abaco

It looks like we will finally get out of here in the morning and head south to little harbor.The weather is getting a little better and since we have been here a week it is time time to move on.Went to bed last night to it raining and woke up this morning to it raining and it is still raining but it looks like it will clear up before long. We plan on spending a couple of days in Little Harbor and then come back north to Marsh Harbor,treasure Cay,etc. before heading back to Green Turtle. Will spend a couple of days there and then will start our trip home.Will take about a week after leaving Green Turtle before we reach Mangrove Cay which will be our departure point for crossing back over.The video on here today is my connecting my sports cam to my spear gun and trying to find a fish to spear. As you can see,there were a lot of fish,but all too small to mess with. I did try my luck at a fair size fish but I missed him.The rod you see is the spear and the orange string is the string connecting the spear to the gun. Dont know about the internet at little Harbor but they may have it there. If not we will have it in Marsh Harbor.Take care--------------------

07/12/2013 | Kim Boykin
You can be a National Geographic Photographer
Thursday,July 11,2013 4:37 pm
Capt. Vern
07/11/2013, Hope Town,Abaco

Well I almost had 14 and a half heart attacks this morning!! Got up around 9 o'clock and walked to the back deck.It didn't dawn on me at first but I quickly discovered that our dinghy was missing! It was no longer tied to the back of the boat! For you boaters you know that will make your heart drop to your knees. For you non boaters,its like walking out your front door in the morning and finding your car missing. Your dinghy over here is your car. I called Bob and he came over and picked me up so we could go looking for it. After a short ride we found it laying up beside a dock with the wind pushing it against the dock. It wasn't tied to the dock and nothing was missing.Talk about being relieved! I tied it to the boat myself so I cant blame any one but myself. Tied a clove hitch with a slip knot to back it up and it still came loose.These boats on the mooring balls are in constant motion from one side to the next. All that back and forth must have worked the knot loose.I have not locked the dinghy to the boat so far this trip but I will start doing that tonight. I could have sworn that someone had stolen it.For about 20 minutes after I found it gone,I just knew I would never see it again. So lesson learned,I will keep a better eye on the dinghy after this. It seems like we get to a certain place and then we are stuck there for reasons beyond our control.Tomorrow is suppose to be the worst of the wind effect from that storm,so we plan on leaving here either Saturday or Sunday. Cant stay here much longer,we are running out of time,but at least we don't have a set time or date to get back. That always makes for a better cruise. Today the weather has been great. We went to town around 2pm and had another high dollar lunch.There is no such thing as a low dollar lunch here. Everything is high. Hope Town has two streets. Front Street and Back Street and thats it! The gas price here is $6.18 per gallon. the diesel price is $5.85 per gallon. The water is $0.35 a gallon. The mooring ball is $20.00 per night! The air you breath is $0.15 per inhale and $0.17 per exhale! But you are here so you either pay it,do without,or leave. That's all for this day but I'm sure there will be more exciting news tomorrow---------------------------

07/12/2013 | Duane and Diane
So glad the dinghy was just lost, not gone! Since inhaling is cheaper, just stop exhaling to save a little money. Stay well!
07/12/2013 | Marty
So happy you found it and had a friend you could call on to take you looking. What a relief! Have more fun.
07/14/2013 | capt clark justice
remember knot tying 101 back in the shipyard..also breathing air is not free or cheap, use it sparingly, try spending a little more time under water man, its easy..
Wednesday,July 10,2013 4:40pm
Capt. Vern
07/10/2013, Hope Town,Abaco

What a difference between today and yesterday! It rained and blew all day yesterday,but today the sun has been out all day and the wind has let up a little.Bob and I went over to the lighthouse this morning and walked the 101 steps to the top.Its a great view from up there of the entire harbor.After that ,I picked up Rose and Salty and we all headed south to a popular beach at the end of Elbow Cay.We sat around in the water and Salty ran the beach greeting everyone he could.We stayed there a few hours and then headed back to Hope Town stopping along the way to see if we could invite any lobster for supper but I only found one so we told him to just stay home and eat by himself! After we all showered and got the sand and salt water off we plan on heading over to the town to see whats going on. It's there independence day today so there might be something to see.The video with this is of the sunset of the lighthouse. You can hear someone blowing a conch shell in the background.Sounds like the nasty old storm may be missing us with just a stiff breeze.Hope so but should know more tomorrow.Until then---------------

07/11/2013 | Marty
So glad Chantal did not give you a hard time. Thanks for sunset.

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