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Tetris Packing
Robert/ Weather Sunny but still CHILLY
11/23/2012, Colorado for one more week

The sorting and packing has begun! It is an intricate game of Tetris to get all that is needed in manageable bags that will hopefully not exceed the bag weight limits.......
First bag is packed with giblets for our Captain that are hard to find in the islands, sunscreen, more sunscreen, and a little more sunscreen, then our swim suits and fins. I think that is about all we need for a few months right :)
Also we had a WONDERFUL going away Thanksgiving and play by the Domagala, Cuddie, and Anderson clan. I hope to tell more about that later hopefully with a video link. It was GREAT!! Our family is the best.

Hope you are all sleeping off your tryptophan induced Turkey coma and gearing up for a great weekend.

8 days and counting......

11/27/2012 | Hep Wilkins
Hope you do not get "rolled" for your head ware attire and your eye glasses. They are so (not) cooL
11/28/2012 | Robert
What??? You don't like the Fuzzy Pimp hat and the blue shades???
Getting closer!
Sarah / Weather: medium chilly
11/18/2012, Fort Collins

13 days left! Our pile to pack keeps growing! Hopefully we'll be able to make it all fit! Thank goodness Robert is a packing genius so that shouldn't be a problem. :)

Our friends threw us a surprise going away party last night! We had no idea! They did a great job with all of it! Personally, it sank in a bit more with me that we won't be seeing any familiar faces (except for maybe a handful?) for the three months we'll be gone! :(

I'm excited for all the adventures we're about to embark on! Yippee!!

Bikinis and Toys
Robert/ Weather Still Cold
11/14/2012, Fort Collins

Sarah has been excitedly opening all our packages awaiting her 5 new Bikinis from Ebay. 5 swimsuits for $47!! We will see if they just fall apart and disintegrate in the salt water :) HAHA.

Also I came to the realization that Sarah would not be able to read her thousands of books on her old Kindle at night. I remedied the situation by sneaking out of the house and buying her a new Nexus 7 tablet. Now she can read all her books and also add blog posts, and play online etc. She looks like a happy camper to me. What do you think?

17 days......

11/14/2012 | Ricardo
Whoopeee !
She deserves fun STUFF !
Next is the Corvette :)
11/15/2012 | Robert
I agree, she has been having a lot of fun with it. The car will come when we come back.
Robert/ Weather BRRRRRRR
11/12/2012, In the Fort

So in preparation for our upcoming UV enriched expedition, Sarah and I have been going to the tanning bed for the last 2 weeks or so. As Sarah is slowly transforming into a nice sexy base tan, I am more and more reassured that (as mentioned in our first post) I have two shades, pasty white and pink. HAHA

Hopefully I can get a tiny bit of a base tan to help thwart the real threat of skin cancer for an albino such as myself.

We are now T-minus 19 days. Sarah is as excited at ever and I working long hours to serve my clients and set up a smooth transition for them in my absence.

In efforts to simplify things and reduce insurance while gone we have found a buyer for the trusty and faithful steed "Green Bean". That's right, we have agreed to sell the 350,000 mile wonder to a partner of mine at The Group. I am assured they will continue to put a ton of miles on her and continue the legend! If you have have a super sexy convertible that you want to sell in March call me :)

Also if you know anyone that wants "Big Sexy" (my Escalade Truck) I could be persuaded to sell her as well. Thinking $15K or so......

Sarah also got her final shot today (Tdap) that is the one that includes Tetanus. She is NOT going to be a happy camper tomorrow. (Your shoulder gets VERY sore on this one).

Until next time.......

11/13/2012 | Big E
Those "tanning beds" are also known as cancer coffins. You're not doing yourself any favours hanging out in them.
11/13/2012 | Robert
Yeah we figured a bit of a base tan would be safer than sever burns once down there :) Who knows, hopefully were right.....
22 days and counting!
Sarah / dark and cold
11/09/2012, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Hello! Welcome to our blog! We're completely new to this blogging thing, so forgive any errors please. :) We are flying out of Denver International Airport on December 1st for 3 months.

Got our 24 bottles of sunscreen! Hopefully that's enough for Robert's pasty, white skin! :) And hopefully my swimsuits arrive before we leave! Yahoo! We're super excited!! We also got our vaccinations this past week. Robert is working on wrapping up his business as much as he can and I'm wrapping up our property management stuff. I'm excited for the beaches.

Hope you enjoy following us on our adventure!

11/10/2012 | Ricardo
Better get some suntan time in before you go Robo.
11/10/2012 | Stacy Jones
Not sure you have enough sunblock! :)
11/11/2012 | Rebecca

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