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Big Neighbors!!!
12/08/2012, Grenada Secret Harbor

Check out our neighbor for 2 nights!!!!

I hear this one of the former big wigs at Microsofts personal boat. Has a crew of 17 just to run the boat. It is BIG!!!! Over 200 feet. Makes our big boat feel very small. You can Google Skat 9906 to learn more about the boat.

We did quite a bit the last 2 days. I will let Sarah fill you in on all that.

12/08/2012 | Ricardo
boat? what boat? we need fobos Man. Take Pics, Pics and more Pics.
Pleez :)
12/14/2012 | Jillian
What? That's not your boat???
Enjoying living vicariously through your travels.
12/18/2012 | Robert
Yeah Jillian, I am shy about 99.5 million to buy that boat :)

Rumor is, that is is $100million plus for that one!!
12/06/2012, Hog Island

Took a nice hike in which we made it around all of Hog Island. There is a bridge between Hog Island and Grenada (where pic is taken from)

We walked through some THICK brush about knee high for a half mile or so. (Lucky for Richard, no snakes on Hog Island) (then lucky for mama they packed a bunch of rocks around the base of the bridge other wise I was going to jump off...)

We were going to try and get up to a bird sanctuary but we cut the hike short. The humidity here is incredible, so after about an hour of hiking all my sunscreen was sweating out and running down my chest. So as not to risk getting to toasty this early in the trip we cut things a bit short to get back.

Our freshly repaired dinghy is acting up again, so at the immediate moment we have no vehicle short of the kayaks or swimming to shore. Captain John is going to try and find a shop tomorrow to let them have a look while Sarah and I (assuming we can get to shore) have an Island Tour scheduled to check out some local chocolate factories as well as some rum factories! Will post a photo or two of that tomorrow.

12/06/2012 | JASON
12/07/2012 | Ricardo
Yesssssssss...... snakes no good.......
Please post more photos please.......
And maybe a video or two.
That would be nice so we can see more of your adventures :)
And did I say snakes no good
12/07/2012 | Becky Anderson
Great to see your pictures Sarah and Robert. That "blue" water is just what I pictured it would be like.
Barnacle Bob
12/06/2012, Grenada Hog Island

Hopefully third time is a charm. This is Robert for Sarah as she is cursed. Every time she touches the computer the blog site dies???? If that is our only problem we are doing ok!

In Sarah's words..... Today has been very relaxing. Robert has been productive helping Captain John by cleaning off all of the barnacles on the dinghy and then helping with some other chores. I've been mainly reading and relaxing while they work. It's been a nice treat to not worry about much (sorry Stacy). We may go snorkeling in a bit so cheerio!!

12/06/2012 | Stacy Jones
Nothing a little chocolate or a Caribbean trinket won't cure! I think I'm getting sick though . . . maybe the reason why yesterday was such a frustrating day! Enjoy your relaxation Sarah and your barnacle cleaning Robert!
Robert/ Weather is killer!!
12/05/2012, Grenada/ Anchored at Hog Island

So that did not last long HAHA,

Tell me your thoughts. What is the verdict?

Sarah keeps looking at me like someone has abducted her hubby. I don't think she likes it too much....... I like it though!

Also we are just polishing off a small Rock Lobster that Captain John was able to find and catch for us. On the BBQ with a little garlic and butter. Delicious! I however was not successful in catching one. Next time!

O'well it will grow back!

12/05/2012 | JASON
mmmm....lobster. As you are trolling along dont be afraid to switch up your lures. If that sailboat doesnt have any kind of prop wash the feathers may not be quite as effective as from a motor boat. When you set it back it should be breaking the surface from time to time or your not going fast enough. If your going slower than set back one of them rapalas I gave you. Also if Captain Ron has a knife sharpening stone try to sharpen those feather hooks ( two hooks) Sharp hook is important. Nobody said it was gonna be easy :) Youve were absent when your two older brothers were learning the tricks of the trade. Hopefully you will get it figured out and be sick of fish by the end of your trip. Hopefully he is sailing in waters deep enough to actually have tuna and dorado around. Just try to think like a fish!
12/05/2012 | Ricardo
WOW - Big change! Your hair looks darker now at the roots but I'll bet it gets almost as blond as Sarah's by trip's end. How was the lobster?
12/05/2012 | Stacy Jones
Wow! Where is my son? Just kidding! I'm trying to think who you look like . . . Enjoy that lobster!
12/05/2012 | Santa Claus
LOL at big brother Jason's directions on how to fish. Trust me, with Sara there, she will hammer the fish. It happens anytime you bring a woman fishing with you.
12/05/2012 | Rae
I think it suites you! Keep the pictures coming! I am loving reading about your adventures thus far!
12/05/2012 | K.Shaw
I LOVE IT!!! Robert...the no hair look suits you!! I say keep it. I'm glad you guys are having fun so far! Can't wait to hear more...more pictures please :-)
12/06/2012 | Robert Jones
I'm glad someone likes it. Sarah keeps looking at me like I am a space alien.
12/06/2012 | Robert Jones
Santa, yeah. It is amazing how little I picked up over the years regarding ocean fishing. When I went along I just showed up and dropped a hook in the water. I paid little attention to where we were going etc. Hopefully his advice and Sarah's hotness with prevail :)
12/06/2012 | Kathryn
I like it! :) It reminds me of when we are all younger and you guys would all have your hair buzzed in the summer time.
12/06/2012 | Matt
Hi Robert, love the blog, and I think your hair or lack there of is great looking.
2nd Matey
12/04/2012, Same

Almost forgot to introduce again our 2nd matey on the boat.

This is Honey the Golden Retriever! She is 11 years old and an absolute sweety. She loves attention and lounging around.

As you can imagine Sarah is in love and we are both thrilled to have her aboard!!


12/04/2012 | Stacy Jones
You may need to sneak her home in your luggage! (Just kidding Captain!). She is absolutely beautiful and looks like a young pup! The sea air must agree with her! Hoping you have internet everywhere!!!!!!
Robert/ Weather is still hot.....
12/04/2012, Trinidad not for long

We have our car back! The dinghy has been fixed. I am told it is running MUCH better than before.

With that we are free to go! Checked out of customs this am and working on a quick bite before casting away the lines and setting on our first sail of the trip! We will be heading out this afternoon for an over night sail to Grenada. We will be leaving at about 4pm or so and will try our first attempt at fishing. Per Jason's advise we will leave early so we can slow it down a bit for better odds of a fishy fresh dinner!

Not sure on the internet situation in Grenada so MAMA don't worry if you don't hear from us for a while.

Save travels, see you soon hopefully with a picture of a HUGE sea monster :)

12/09/2012 | Jeni
Hey guys- we miss you! We are so glad that you made it safely to your boat. It's been fun reading your posts! Keep them up! Be safe! Love ya!

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