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Merry Christmas Eve!!!
Robert/ Weather is cloudy but warm
12/24/2012, Fort Duvernette/ Young Island/ St Vincent

The last week has been a whirlwind of island hopping and more unsuccessful fishing HAHA (with exception to one barracudu that we lost trying to get it on the swim step)

I will add a few to get you up to date.

Not sure if we mentioned yet but I think Bequia is our favorite island so far. Had a beautiful anchorage and wonderful beachside walk with restaurants and bars. The locals were also doing there yearly Christmas celebration so we had some BUMPING up beat Christmas music and a bunch of dancers too!

The photo on this one is from Fort Duvernette. It is a VERY steep climb (via steps) to the top to see the cannons that protected St Vincent back in the day. Spectacular view from the top!

Moving on...
12/18/2012, Canouan, Charleston Bay

After Tobago Cays we went to Petit Tabac. Apparently part of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed there. We walked around the entire island. Then we moved on the Salt Whistle Bay which is in the island of Mayreau. It was an absolutely beautiful little bay with perfect sand and palm trees. There are a few vendors but not tons as well as a few tiny little restaurant/bars. We stopped in to have a cold smoothie (since ice is quite a treat down here). Today Robert and I went back on land when the vendors came out and I got my hair all braided up! It's pretty fun! It did hurt when they were doing it though. Oh well, that part is over and now I have cool hair. :-) It's been windy all day. We left Salt Whistle Bay after lunch and we are now anchored in Charlestown Bay in Canouan. We'll see what adventures tomorrow brings!

12/18/2012 | Stacy Jones
Love all the posts and your tan, Robert!!! All your food sounds amazing! And the snorkeling and shopping and, and, and ... can't wait for the slide show! Love you lots and miss you even more! Enjoy your sunshine and we'll enjoy our white Christmas, hopefully!
12/21/2012 | Valerie
Sarah, you are definitely becoming an island girl with your braids....Love all of your pics and comments. Beautiful places we are seeing through you..Continue to take good care of each other...miss you
Sunset Contendor
12/18/2012, Tobago Cays

So we will be trying to hold a Sunset Contest keeping the top three in check as we go along.

Couple nights ago we had our first entry. This sunset was RIDICULOUS! Kept getting better and better as the evening progressed.

Not a bad backyard ehh??

12/19/2012 | Becky
Gorgeous! that is one to frame!
And to think - you could be here shoveling snow!
12/19/2012 | JASON
Tobago Cays
12/18/2012, Paradise

You know you regularly hear people say that words and or pictures do not do a place justice????

This is one of those places.

Upon arriving at the anchorage we saw three turtles surface in a matter of 5 minutes. We quickly set the anchor, doned our sexy snorkel gear and went in for a look. We were treated with watching multiple turtles swim about then came up to a large cloud of sand in which a large ray was eating something on the sea floor. Once he realized our presence he gracefully swam around us for a bit before slinking off into the distance. After summiting one of the small peaks while viewing a ton iguana and one lone tortoise we kayaked backed to the boat for a dinner of chicken, rice, and salad.

Day 2 in the Cays we started with an unpleasant mishap when Kayak meets propeller :( SAD FACE.

While pulling up the anchor the kayak in tow came in on a swell and the line got sucked into the starboard prop and sucked it under the boat and punctured the front of the kayak pretty badly ( we will have to see if we can MacGyver a repair. I have a few ideas....)

We then proceeded to dinghy out to the reef where we were treated to the best snorkeling we have EVER experienced on any of our trips EVER!!!

Think of the best professional salt water tank you have seen then times 2 then for about a mile long distance. The coral formations and abundance of fish of all sizes, shapes, and colors is awe inspiring. We even got a quick visit from a lone Barracudu that appeared to be roughly 3 plus feet in length. We have some great video we can share upon our return (remember crappy internet).

Dinner of Sausage, Chicken, and burgers is about off the grill so it is time for me to log off. I will add a few more updates later.

HUGE Avacados
12/18/2012, Union Island

These are the giant afore mentioned avocados that we made some killer Guac with this afternoon and ate with Buegels (No Tortilla chips on the last 3 islands).

12/19/2012 | Ricardo
Hey ... that's not the part you eat. It's the green mushy stuff.
12/18/2012, Union Island

Sarah's new favorite fruit! YUM

12/18/2012 | Ricardo
I've never heard of that fruit. I'll have to check it out. Looks like you've got some tanning happening now. That's good. Keep it going. And keep lots of pictures and viteos. We want to see about a 6 hour slide and video show when you get back. :)
12/18/2012 | Tim
Is that a tan I detect???????
12/18/2012 | Robert Jones
HAHA yeah. Still a whitey compared to all the cruisers down here, but finally getting some color. I figure in a month or so I will post a pic of a full moon HAHAHA. Yeah we have a TON of photos, but one one per post limits it. Also internet speed and file size limits FB album. We will have a VERY long slide show when we get home if you want!

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