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Rockin' on RobinLeigh
The High Seas adventures of the sailing vessel RobinLeigh
Anchored in Charleston, SC
beautiful weather!

Our trip from the Chesapeake to Lookout Bight, NC was good with enough wind to sail for more than half of the trip. The boat performed well and we're slowly shaking out the wrinkles on the boat and finding what works and does not work after two years on the hard.

We left Lookout Bight, NC at 5am Sunday morning with a forecast of no wind. That's better than the southerlies that are forecast for later in the week so we thought an overnight motor sail in flat seas was quite acceptable.

Not much to report underway except Charles caught a fish -
It was a Little Tunny, kind of fishy for our taste but very edible in a pinch (or heavily battered and deeply fried).
charles fishing

Tucker found his new favorite place to hang out under way:
tucker hanging out
Of course he's right underfoot and in danger of being stepped on but he likes to live dangerously.

We're in Charleston for a few days to relax after those overnight passages. We'll be here through Thanksgiving and will probably leave Saturday for Amelia Island, FL (another overnight passage....)

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Anchored at Lookout Bight, NC
Perfect fall day
11/20/2010, Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout - Atlantic side

Pictures here

We made it to Lookout Bight, NC late Friday night and had our anchor set and a pizza in the oven by 10 pm. After a restful night we woke to A perfect sunny day and decided to stay the day. We took the dingy ashore and walked to the lighthouse then relaxed and watched some college football in the afternoon. Tomorrow at 5am we push off for Charleston. At 214 miles, we should be there late Monday afternoon.

I'm doing this post from my phone so I'll keep it short. More from Charleston in a few days.

Cruising 2010-2011
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Underway Again... Almost
11/17/2010, Severn River Marina, Hayes VA

After a full summer of boat work (2009) and another long summer at home in Florida (2010), we're finally ready to hop on "RobinLeigh" and go sailing for a while.

We arrived on the boat on November 7th with a short list of chores and the intention of leaving the marina by the following weekend. It's 10 days later and we're still here - partly because of weather, but mostly because our to-do list was longer than it looked and we had a few surprises!

Here's the quick version of the last week or so...
Got here at night to a very cold boat - slept with lots of blankets and layers. Cat completely freaked out by his new surroundings. Spends most of the night trying to sleep on our heads.
Tucker in shock
Three days later and things are semi-organized, major projects begin: prepping new dingy (old one died), running lines up the mast, buying supplies. While putting up the navigation light at the top of the mast, the quick-connect ring flies away into the water - Robin: "Are you diving for it?", Charles: "Not a chance" - off to the internet to find a replacement. A day later - "Why doesn't the freezer work?" - we spend a few hours tearing apart the galley so we can ship the controller off for repair.
Waiting for the our parts to arrive by mail we finished up our to do list: hanging sails and adding the boat's name to the side of the hull. In the mean time, more trips to the store, more food and supplies aboard (no frozen goods yet). Tucker the cat is getting braver and exploring the deck but still refuses to let us sleep through the night.
Mail arrives with a new quick-connect for the navigation light and a new controller for the freezer. One more day for installation and testing then one more trip to the supermarket for frozen goods and forgotten supplies and we're ready to go!

A final day studying the charts and learning how to use our new navigation software - our destination is set: Morehead, NC - 423 nautical miles south. That's 40 hours, mostly offshore. One full day and two long nights. Now to check the wind and weather forecast....

That catches us up to today: overnight we had a low pressure system come through with rain and strong winds. Thursday morning looks like a good departure.

More pictures here...

Cruising 2010-2011
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