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Rockin' on RobinLeigh
The High Seas adventures of the sailing vessel RobinLeigh
Doing Nothing in No Name
02/01/2011, No Name harbor Key Biscayne

We had fewer boat projects to complete this past week so we spent more time goofing off and enjoying the warm weather of South Miami. Charles had to do a port hatch repair job to stop a leak we discovered during our last passage but aside from that we've been pretty lazy.

lazy tucker

During the week we spent time exploring the park and got to climb to the top of the Cape Florida light house. The Fresnel Lens was really impressive up close. Charles got so excited he lost his head!

Charles and lens

I finally started painting a bit and we got our bikes off the boat for the first time and rode them around the Bill Baggs state park. We also took the opportunity to stock up on a few groceries.


We were almost getting bored with the peace and quiet of this idyllic harbor when the weekend came. Check out this video to see the difference between weekday and weekend (by the way - the music WAS NOT coming from OUR boat!)

On Saturday our friends Anne and Brook came to see us on the boat. They brought food and wine and presents and we all had a great time watching the craziness around the harbor. The wine came with a cute life preserver but of course we had to test it out on other things as well...

Who will we save?

The weather has settled so we're ready to push off to the Bahamas. We'll leave for Bimini early Wednesday morning and will be at the Bimini Sands marina Wednesday night!

To view more photos, follow this link: No Name Harbor

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Ft Lauderdale Fix
mostly nice
01/26/2011, Ft Lauderdale, FL

We had a really busy and productive stay in Ft Lauderdale - we completed many projects that we wanted to finish before heading to the Bahamas: Rebuilt / repaired dingy outboard engine, went grocery shopping, did a wifi antenna installation and fine tuning, got haircuts, more grocery shopping, laundry, mail, etc, etc....


The carburetor rebuild of our small 2HP did not go as well as planned - video here (excuse the bouncy video along the canal):

We made new boat friends at Las Olas marina (Peter and Jane on Kinvara and Bob and Connie on Meredith). We all went out Saturday to help Bob celebrate his birthday. If you're ever in Ft Lauderdale stop by the Coconut Bahama's Grill for lunch or dinner - you won't be disappointed!

Monday we headed out to the Atlantic for a short trip to south Miami (30 miles). The winds started light but quickly picked up to 15 knots ahead of the beam. It was a bumpy but fast ride to "No Name" harbor in Biscayne Bay.

Now you're asking - "How it is possible that a harbor can have no name?" One of the original land developers on Key Biscayne tells the story this way. "Before the land became a park, it was privately held property. There were plans that were drawn up to make the acreage that today is Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park,  a development that included condominiums, residential and estate homes and everything else that makes up a first class development."
"With nothing to start with, as the survey and planning stage was underway, the body of water that is today "No Name Harbor" had no name, so that is what was written on the architectural renderings.  Where the plans had the harbor drawn, in the middle of the harbor is written "No Name Harbor".   The development, of course never came to be, the land was donated to the State of Florida park system, and the name "No Name Harbor" stuck.  The harbor with no name  today is officially named and recognized as  "No Name Harbor".

no name harbor

We'll head over to Miami Stadium Anchorage for the weekend before contemplating our trip across the Gulf Stream early next week...

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Escaping the Cold Weather
01/17/2011, Ft Lauderdale

Since restarting our cruise after Christmas, our main goal as been to reach a warmer climate. We started out in Jacksonville where it was close to freezing,

made it south to St Augustine where it was just as cold,

Fort in St Augustine

took a LONG trip further south to Lake Worth/Palm Beach in hopes of putting the freezing temps permanently behind us, then finally pushed on to Ft Lauderdale on Saturday.

Ft Lauderdale

We can finally say we have escaped the freezing cold! The forecast this week: Highs in the upper 70's / lows in the 60's... Hooray!

Here's a brief run down of our adventures over the last few weeks:

Left Jacksonville on a VERY cold morning, headed for St Augustine. We had a GREAT sail and managed to get there with light to spare. St Augustine was a great city to visit and since we had a weather front forecast to come through with rain and strong winds, we made the most of it by exploring the city and working on boat projects.

During our trips to town, we visited Flagler College, explored Castillo De San Marcos, toured a number of art galleries, and walked around the old part of town.

5 art galleries are owned and operated by a wonderful family. We were lucky enough to meet the owner Len Cutter while admiring the art work of Anne Packard. She was scheduled to have an exclusive one woman show that Friday. We were going to miss the event but were lucky to see her painting as they were hanging them in preparation for the show. Anne's show: Watch the documentary on this page - Anne is a true American original!

Thanks to the friendly and knowledgable crew at the Cutter&Cutter galleries, I also now have a new, favorite artist! His name is Glen Tarnowski and he has been called the father of modern allegorist. I'm not at all sure I understand what that means but I do love his work! Check out some of his beautiful paintings here:

The Art of Glen Tarnowski

We also got a few boat chores done on the rainiest day. Our biggest accomplishment: pulling 50 feet of Cat5 cable from the stern to the nav station at the middle of the boat!

It was still below freezing most nights in St Augustine and not much warmer than 45 during the day. We decided to bite the bullet and make the long passage around Cape Canaveral down to Lake Worth (211 miles). Winds were stronger than predicted and we made the entire passage under sail in about 34 hours. Temperatures were warmer at our new destination but we saw a small weather window to keep going so we only stayed there one night.

Our most recent sail, from Lake Worth to Ft Lauderdale was also pretty good. We had to motor a while to be sure to get in before sundown but it was a pretty good trip. The biggest challenge? Avoiding the fishing boats! With the warmest temps they've seen in months and light winds, there were hundreds of them along the coast!

Now we're sitting happily on a mooring at the Las Olas marina in Ft Lauderdale, enjoying the mild weather and getting ready for our hop across to the Bahamas. We'll be here about a week getting a few boat things sorted out, waiting for mail, and goofing off a bit!

More pictures here on our FLICKR site: Escaping the Cold Weather

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Back Down the River and Back up the Mast
Sunny, windy, and cold (54F)
01/07/2011, Jacksonville, FL

After a wonderful Christmas with Friends, Family and even snow on Christmas Day (thanks to a visit to North GA to see Mom and Dad), we were anxious to get back to the boat we had left in Jacksonville for the month.
We spent 4 days getting things ready to go and installing a few new and repaired boat components. After waiting for some weather to come through Wednesday we checked the tide tables and picked out departure time to get under the Fuller Warren bridge at low tide. This bridge is fixed and has a clearance of 75 feet at mean low water. Cw driving to the bridge
At just under 77 feet off the water, with antennas, we had taken down everything from the top of the mast and planned a precise time to go under the bridge at the lowest possible tide. The Fuller Warren bridge has a railway bridge right beside it but this bridge stays lifted unless a train is coming so it is normally not a problem. As we squeezed under the Fuller Warren with inches to spare, the railroad lights started flashing warning boats that the railroad bridge was closing (clearance closed = 10 feet). We had literally made it through the bridges with inches and seconds to spare!
One last bridge, the lifting Main Street Bridge, stood between us and a clear run to the Atlantic. We called the bridge operator and stalled for time while he stopped traffic.Boat going under Main St bridge
After the Main Street Bridge we pulled along side the Promenade at Jacksonville Landing for a tie up overnight.

Friday morning Charles got his gear together and all of the boat antennas so we could reinstall them and carry on with our cruise. Charles in his climbing harness
From the ground, you can barely make him out up there. Cw at the top
I bet you're wondering what it's like to be that far up the mast. Charles took the camera with him this time to give you an idea! The boat below

Looking down on Main Street Bridge and Jacksonville Landing:

Antennas up and tested - we were ready to head down the river at noon.
RobinLeigh tied up at Jacksonville Landing
We are a few miles down the river and safely anchored for the night. We'll make our way to the Atlantic tomorrow morning and sail down the coast to St Augustine. Stay tuned!

Cruising 2010-2011
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