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East Coast Sail
Under Way for Norfolk and beyond
Gary Robitaille
19 August 2010 | Norfolk, VA
Left our cozy Marina at 0915. They didn't open until 0800 so we had coffee and took showers first. Had to go to a different Marina next door for diesel and pumpout. By the time all was said and done it was 0915 before we got under way. This shot is of the marinas where we are working our way out thru 1.5 miles of skinny, shallow channel.

We topped off the fuel tanks this morning, taking on 33 gallons of diesel. That works out to approx 1 gallon of fuel per hour burn rate, not too shabby at all!!

Hit Norfolk around Noon, a new gallery has been added of the sights as we sailed through. We gave up after an hour of trying to identify all the Navy boats.
19 August 2010 19:31:23Z
In my 4 years I never visited Norfolk. I was always on the other side of the world. Great pix of the area. Almost home !!!
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