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East Coast Sail
Safe Harbor for Day 11
Gary / Nice
19 August 2010 | Coinjack, NC
Hard to believe but the cheapskate Cap'n sprang for another Marina. After another 12 hr day and 59 miles with darkness closing in and no suitable place to drop the hook, the crew all agreed that the Coinjack, NC looked awfully inviting! Frosting on the cake is the restaurant we are now at and the bar next door which will be next. That being said, am signing off because there is food to be consumed and beer to drink!
20 August 2010 00:31:44Z
Hi Gary, I hope the trip is going well and that you have smooth sailing. Love you, Francia
20 August 2010 01:38:17Z
Glad you are safe and sound and on land for dinner, hope the beers were good and you are both sleeping soundly...
20 August 2010 10:55:43Z
Coinjock: Best prime rib on the ICW!!
20 August 2010 12:14:17Z
LCYC members always told us that the ICW is an experience you'll never forget. Take tons of pictures and remember the best places to visit.
katie Cuddeback
20 August 2010 13:17:01Z
Chuck, Finally entered your blog. This is my first blog experience ever. Spoke to Liz the other night and she misses you terribly. Glad you are enjoying your trip. Sounds like so much fun. Has it been rough? xxx Katie
20 August 2010 13:31:51Z
Almost there. What an experience! What is your final port?
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