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East Coast Sail
Day 12 Tout Finis
Cap'n / Beautiful NC night
20 August 2010 | Upper Dowry Creek
Wow...another twelve hour day and 73 nm under the keel. Not bad! We came up about 45 mins short of Belhaven, but with the "red sun at night" setting on the horizon, this seemed like a perfect spot. We are anchored on the Upper Dowry River which is a little tributory into the Pungo River. A peaceful little spot despite a few mosquitoes. The smell of UC's corn beef hash is coming up from the galley and the Bud Lite Limes are tasting mighty fine. All is good. Tomorrow we'll see Washington and voyage end.
21 August 2010 01:26:44Z
Woo hoo! Almost home. Enjoy your last night on the boat. Tomorrow you'll be on "tierra firma". I'll be meeting you at E18. I can't wait to see you guys!
21 August 2010 01:35:42Z
WAY TO GO!!I will miss my nightly progress check. Great job you two. Truly an adventure you will never forget. Sail on! Love,Vanna
21 August 2010 01:59:23Z
Doug thinks you should change her name to So'East Gypsy. I'll bring the champagne
21 August 2010 11:29:40Z
I just want to tell y'all, again, how much we enjoyed the Washington area. Are you getting a little sad that the trip is nearly over???
21 August 2010 13:20:27Z
Hard to believe it is over, it will be good to see you tomorrow but I am sure you will miss the water... love you
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