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Follow our adventures as we sail the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
Oh will it never end.....
07/22/2009, North Vancouver BC

We had a test sail with some of our Vancouver to San Francisco crew last night. The weather was gorgeous and we headed up Indian Arm. Aboard were Joe (our appointed skipper & all round head advisor for the trip), Gord, Lin, Jeff & myself. We hoisted all the sails including the spinnaker (YES! finally! its been sitting dormant for 4 years!!!) and Joe's spinnaker which he has kindly offered to bring for the trip down. We did some practice gybes and maneuvers and it went really smoothly. We are hoping to go out again with Pete aboard next week (Adey is on vacation but will be back for the trip).

On a more depressing note... our "to do" list which we had whittled down over the last week just added another 15 lines to itself while we chatted with everyone after the sail. So today Jeff, Carden and I had a "family day" of rushing around picking up last minute essentials at Westmarine, River Marine, Canadian Tire, Maritime Systems etc (unfortunately for me no fun mall shopping on our list!)

Our top priorities right now:
1. Finishing the installation of the SSB
2. Mounting the Liferaft
3. Putting "pillows" on the spreaders (great! I get to go up the mast again)
4. Figuring out where to store everything.

On another completely different topic; Carden has decided afternoon naps are not his thing and as I type this I can hear him chucking the contents of his berth onto the cabin floor and wrestling the sails onto his bed. I opened his door 10 minutes ago and walked right into a plastic play sword. He was standing in his bunk, butt naked pointing the sword at me and he said " Mummy, I a pirate!" (I had to pretend to be really angry!)

Preperations for Mexico
One Month To Go!!!
06/30/2009, North Vancouver BC

One month to go! We are so excited. Jeff finishes work on July 10th and then we have a couple of weeks of last minute projects before we cross over to Victoria to wait for our crew.

We have (of course) a "to do" list a mile long but the two big things on our mind are: Installing the Single Side Band Radio (SSB) and mounting the liferaft on deck.

I've left Jeff to both of those projects. I have no idea how to weld the cradle for the insanely heavy raft, and the SSB right now is mocking me with all its confusing buttons and cables.

I am finishing up buying the contents of our Ditch Bag and stuffing them all into a waterproof bag. I still have to get a couple of flashlights and some other little things. One really hard item to get in there is the candy and chocolate. Ive bought it 4 times already and keep eating it before it gets anywhere near the locker that we keep the Ditch Bag in!

I am finally at peace with my fridge (we have been battling it out this last month). Storage in the top loader has been #1 on my list lately. I literally have had to empty the entire contents of the fridge onto the galley floor to get the milk out - then empty it all out again to get the milk in again. God forbid Jeff asks for a beer - those are right at the bottom!!! I've invested in 3 really big containers that hold Meat, Veg, Deli so it's a little easier - Ive also bought up the entire stock of lock-n-lock containers that Save-On had. These things are amazing! They are airproof & waterproof and I have them tucked away everywhere.

I also "invented" a little area to hold my garbabge bags. I cut a couple of lengths of pipe and mounted them under the sink - they also hold my rolling pin. (I know I know.....I dont bake! - It's for protection!)

So....all I really have to do in the next 4 weeks is... all the important stuff like learning radar and the SSB and the spinnaker (which we have had for 4 years and still not flown) and finding more boat projects for Jeff to do so he doesnt get bored being off work.

Preperations for Mexico


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