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Follow our adventures as we sail the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
Beach Day
03/16/2012, Barra

Today we left the boat earlier than usual and took the water taxi into Barra to spend the morning at the beach. Our favourite little spot is right on the sand in front of Marlena's restaurant. From there we have a full view of the bay from the Grand Bay Hotel and the lagoon entrance all the way round to Melaque. We were set up with the sand toys and beach chairs before Marlena's even got their umbrellas up. But, by that time it was 11am which in Mexico is not too early for Cervezas! I'd love to tell you that the kids played quietly on the sand at our feet while Jeff and I soaked up the sunshine and relaxed but the reality is that every minute we spent on that beach one of us was assisting Mo.

Being a toddler is hard work! First, we thought diaper on/ shirt on/ hat on would be a good combo which lasted 10 seconds until she threw herself into the ocean and tried to drag her sopping heavy diaper back up the beach. Diaper off/ Shirt on/ Hat on until she buried herself in the sand and got it up her shirt. Hat didn't last long after that. Shirt Off. Sand Everywhere. Then the food arrived and we just weren't fast enough to stop little sandy hands digging into the plate of fries, so now we all have sand in our mouths. One great thing about being a toddler is that it's okay to drop a half eaten french fry in the sand and pick it up again - it's all a learning process. For Jeff and I it's exhausting fun to spend that much time with her watching her play and learn.

Back on the boat Jeff took Carden up to the hotel pool while Mo pretended to nap and I made myself some bracelets.
Did she just say she is "making bracelets?" Yup! One of the fantastic things about being down here is that I am forced to relax. At home if I'm not working or housekeeping I can find a million constructive things to do to stop me from relaxing but on the boat in Mexico my choices are limited. If I don't want to fix something that's broken (and on a boat there's always a varied choice) I can either read or.... relax. There's no internet, no laundry (we send it out), no paperwork, no errands. So I have been making bracelets. My only worry for those 3 hours is to get the beads cleaned up and put away before The Big Mo wakes up and starts hucking them all over the place. She did that this morning; she looked me right in the eye and chucked the whole container up in the air and then stared at me to see my reaction as thousands of little beads of all shapes and sizes bounced their way into our bilges. As I was picking little beads up from all over our bunk Carden was on deck getting his sand toys out of the aft locker. He dumped the water out of the buckets right over the aft bunk porthole and I got a cold shower of seawater on my head. I had a vision of my mum in my head laughing something about "payback"?

2012 Cruising Mexico


2012 Cruising Mexico

Before Morley turned into "The Sand Monster"

2012 Cruising Mexico

Mo and Dad going for another bath!

2012 Cruising Mexico
Melaque Market
03/14/2012, Melaque

Wednesday's is Market Day in Melaque (a little town next to Barra de Navidad - on the other side of the bay in the photo)
Wednesday morning Jeff needed to get some work done around the boat, specifically something to do with the batteries and engine that requires lots of peace and quiet - or maybe that was just an excuse?. Either way Carden, Mo and I set off at 10am for the Market.

The Melaque market is about 4 blocks long with everything you can imagine crammed onto stalls. Lots of clothes, shoes, jewellery, fruit, candy, arts and crafts, hardware, toys and handmade goods. After trying to stiff me 350 pesos ($30) the taxi dropped us off right in the middle of the chaos.

An hour later we emerged dirty, sweaty and broke. Everything is so cheap but I still managed to spend about $70. I even wrote it down to double check:

Taxi 50 pesos $4
2 dishcloths 30 pesos $2.40
Cardens toy gun 90 pesos $7.20
Morleys toy hammer 25 pesos $2.20
2 Sink Sponges 30 pesos $2.40
Sink Scrubbie 25 pesos $2.20
5 Pirated DVD's 100 pesos $8
2 pints of strawberries 10 pesos $0.80
2 wooden photo frames 50 pesos $4
5m string 10 pesos $0.80
Heinz Ketchup 22pesos $1.60 (how can it be that cheap?)
Hellmans Mayo 12pesos $0.80 (so cheap?)
Huge Tub of fresh fruit and veg 120 pesos $9
2 Cokes 20 pesos $1.50
Local Organic Honey and Vanilla 100 pesos $8
Taxi Back 60 pesos $4.80
Panga to and from the marina 25 pesos $2

It's pretty amazing how inexpensive goods are here especially buying at the market and not in a fancy store but it adds up quickly, just like home.
I'll be back next Wednesday!

2012 Cruising Mexico
03/13/2012, Barra

So, if you follow our updates you know by now how well we eat down here. Even though I do get a bit grumpy about the meagre selection of vegetables and I frequently go through Japanese food withdrawals.

We've been on the boat a couple of days and managed to grab a bag of pasta and some bananas in town but haven't really stocked the galley yet.
I sent Jeff to town midday to pick up our laundry from the "lavanderia" (fancy spanish name for a very sweet lady who washes and folds all our laundry) and he comes back super excited and heaves a giant hunk of flesh down the companionway hatch.

As he was getting off the panga at the water taxi dock some fishermen had just come in with 20 yellowfin tuna (that's the good stuff). Jeff hung around to check it out and asked if he could buy some.

"Some" turned out to be the size of a soccer ball for 130 pesos ($10)
I cut it into 4 big servings, froze 2 and marinated the rest. We had huge portions of tuna sashimi salad for dinner and lots left over for another night.

2012 Cruising Mexico

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