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Follow our adventures as we sail the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
03/04/2012, Guadalajara

A quick recap of our week in Guadalajara.
Our flights from Vancouver to Guadalajara were pretty easy if you delete the part where we connected in LAX (I never see Jeff get angry except in the line up for USA Homeland Security at the airport when we connect flights through the US, then a little vein in his forehead starts bulging and theres a lot of staring and sighing and once we are through theres a lot of swearing) and the part where we forgot to check Morley into the cargo hold with our baggage (it really should be an option).

Driving from the airport to our hotel we soaked in all the sights and smells that remind you that you are back in Mexico. First the humidity, then the burning coconut husks, the roadside tacos and bbq's and then the sewers.

We spent a week in Guadalajara sightseeing and shopping. We weren't supposed to be shopping but GDL is a shoppers paradise and our hotel was right across the road from the largest mall in the city. The great thing about this centre is that you can find your Starbucks tucked into the corner but most of the other stores are not big chain stores so there is so much variety. There were also about 6 huge shoe stores and 20 ice cream kiosks. Every evening the locals would bring their dates or families down to the outdoor mall and sit on the benches or stroll the courtyard eating ice-cream while the kids ran round and round the fountains. It became a lovely evening tradition and Carden and Morley tired themselves out before bedtime.

One of the things I love about Mexico is the little stands set up by the side of the road. On the main drag between the mall and hotel was the bus stop and locals set up stalls of goodies. One had candy and snacks, another little personal items one might need for a bus ride and my favourite was the fruit stand where each morning I bought about 2 pints of fresh cubed mango, pineapple and watermelon for 20 pesos ($1.50). The fruit is traditionally served smothered in chilli sauce and salt with a fork but I take mine plain.

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