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Follow our adventures as we sail the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Warm Chocolate Criossants fresh off the French Baker's Panga!

2012 Cruising Mexico
03/16/2012, Barra

As we were lying in bed this morning it took Jeff and I a couple of minutes to figure out what day it was. We had to count back to Wednesday morning (the French Baker's day off - aka "no breakfast day"). Forgetting days is the true sign that you are settled in. And today..... is Friday, we discovered. Phew, thank goodness - It's been a tough week!

Our typical day starts at 8.30am when the VHF crackles to life with the French Baker announcing his arrival in the Marina. (As you can see, this man plays a very important role in getting our days started). Rockstar then erupts into a frenzy of activity as Carden and Mo race up to the deck and Jeff and I scramble to get dressed and grab some pesos to pay for our fresh chocolate croissants and baguettes.
We don't get plates or sit down or anything civilized like that, the kids cram the croissants into their mouths and Jeff hides his from their greedy eyes until his coffee is made.

At 9am we listen to the morning cruisers net which is a controlled radio net hosted by people like us supplying information to sail and power boats in the local area. The kids sit around and play, Jeff decides what part of the boat he is going to tinker with and fix and I clean up our little living space.

For lunch we break the baguette up and make little sandwiches with ham and cheese and whatever fresh fruit we have. Then Mo goes down for her nap. (She actually just screams for an hour and then passes out from exhaustion). While Mo naps, Carden and Jeff usually do an errand like running into town to pick up laundry, groceries, boat parts or ice cream. In the afternoon we all go up to the hotel pool for a couple of hours. It took Carden a day to remember that he can swim and Morley has no fear with her water wings on.

Back on the boat we relax and start dinner. At exactly 6.30pm we go into full "Mosquito Alert Lock down mode" which vaguely resembles the panic of the morning but this time we are all rushing to get below decks and close the hatches and get the mosquito screens on. We spend another 10 minutes perfecting our mosquito hunting skills - We must look hilarious to anybody sneaking a peek inside; we jump about the boat yelling at each other and trying to clap mozzies between our hands. An hour later it's dark and we all go to bed. It's 8.30pm.(No joke, Jeff and I haven't seen 9pm all week)

Like I said.... exhausting...T.G.I.F.

2012 Cruising Mexico
Beach Day
03/16/2012, Barra

Today we left the boat earlier than usual and took the water taxi into Barra to spend the morning at the beach. Our favourite little spot is right on the sand in front of Marlena's restaurant. From there we have a full view of the bay from the Grand Bay Hotel and the lagoon entrance all the way round to Melaque. We were set up with the sand toys and beach chairs before Marlena's even got their umbrellas up. But, by that time it was 11am which in Mexico is not too early for Cervezas! I'd love to tell you that the kids played quietly on the sand at our feet while Jeff and I soaked up the sunshine and relaxed but the reality is that every minute we spent on that beach one of us was assisting Mo.

Being a toddler is hard work! First, we thought diaper on/ shirt on/ hat on would be a good combo which lasted 10 seconds until she threw herself into the ocean and tried to drag her sopping heavy diaper back up the beach. Diaper off/ Shirt on/ Hat on until she buried herself in the sand and got it up her shirt. Hat didn't last long after that. Shirt Off. Sand Everywhere. Then the food arrived and we just weren't fast enough to stop little sandy hands digging into the plate of fries, so now we all have sand in our mouths. One great thing about being a toddler is that it's okay to drop a half eaten french fry in the sand and pick it up again - it's all a learning process. For Jeff and I it's exhausting fun to spend that much time with her watching her play and learn.

Back on the boat Jeff took Carden up to the hotel pool while Mo pretended to nap and I made myself some bracelets.
Did she just say she is "making bracelets?" Yup! One of the fantastic things about being down here is that I am forced to relax. At home if I'm not working or housekeeping I can find a million constructive things to do to stop me from relaxing but on the boat in Mexico my choices are limited. If I don't want to fix something that's broken (and on a boat there's always a varied choice) I can either read or.... relax. There's no internet, no laundry (we send it out), no paperwork, no errands. So I have been making bracelets. My only worry for those 3 hours is to get the beads cleaned up and put away before The Big Mo wakes up and starts hucking them all over the place. She did that this morning; she looked me right in the eye and chucked the whole container up in the air and then stared at me to see my reaction as thousands of little beads of all shapes and sizes bounced their way into our bilges. As I was picking little beads up from all over our bunk Carden was on deck getting his sand toys out of the aft locker. He dumped the water out of the buckets right over the aft bunk porthole and I got a cold shower of seawater on my head. I had a vision of my mum in my head laughing something about "payback"?

2012 Cruising Mexico


2012 Cruising Mexico

Before Morley turned into "The Sand Monster"

2012 Cruising Mexico

Mo and Dad going for another bath!

2012 Cruising Mexico

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