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Follow our adventures as we sail the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
Ready Set Go....

We have been on the boat for a good 3 weeks now and Rockstar is definitely ready for her bash North to PV.

We have:
Checked the engine
Did an oil and fuel change
Installed a new refrigeration system
Put in a new windlass foot switch
Repaired electrical for charger
Installed a new 12V outlet
Fixed the lifeline netting
Got brightwork redone
Got topside and hull waxed
Eradicated the bee nest
Re-organized the sail lockers for more storage

We are officially ready for the boys to come down and sail Rockstar North.
Carden, Mo and I are headed up by car to PV and will meet them at Paradise Village next Friday!)

2012 Cruising Mexico
Tree Trimming

These maintenance workers at the marina climb up the palm trees unassisted just with spikes on their shoes. We have watched them stay up top for hours sending down palm fronds and bags of coconuts (for safety) before coming down. Makes you wonder if they are WCB covered?

2012 Cruising Mexico

The cruising/ Sailing world is full of boat owners searching for something. Adventure, freedom, paradise, happiness..... somewhere warm to do boat maintenance?
This photo is my happiness moment today....

2012 Cruising Mexico
More boat work

Today was fairly uneventful and very typical.
Yesterday when we went to drop off laundry we made an appointment for Carden and Jeff to get a haircut with the girl in the shop next door. She had no clients but told them to come back today at 2pm. So, today they took the dingy in at 2pm and she said "Oh, I'm cleaning now, come back tomorrow at 11am" - still no clients waiting.
The laundry is very similar. There's nothing better than the smell of fresh folded laundry - especially when someone else has done it for you. The Lavanderia is open 9am-11am and 2pm-5pm. Except it's not. I've been keeping track and it seems that regardless of when we arrive (during the posted open times) we have a 1 in 5 chance of picking up our laundry. Twice, the shop owner has told Jeff to come back at 3pm but has then closed up early.
It's just the way it is down here and we don't stress over it - but we do make sure we don't try and wash all our sheets, towels or underwear all in the same batch!

So, with no haircut to do we headed to the pool for lunch and a little swim while Arturo and his boys waxed and polished the hull and topsides. Nap time I cleaned the marine barbeque and caught up on some bookkeeping; LOVE my office today.

2012 Cruising Mexico

Mast hanging

2012 Cruising Mexico
Mast Hanging

Morley is finally big enough to challenge Carden's record of "mast hanging". Carden 14 seconds - Morley 7 seconds. I love these kids!

2012 Cruising Mexico

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