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Follow our adventures as we sail the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
Hello PV

Cardie, Mo and I hired a driver and did the 4 hour drive up from Barra to PV yesterday. We are checked in at the Mayan Palace which is part of the Grand Mayan Resort complex. This place is massive; there are 7 or 8 huge hotels all along the beach in Nuevo Vallarta all connected by pathways, gardens and swimming pools. The place is beautiful and the people are so helpful and friendly.

This morning our friend Sabrina stopped by for a visit with her children who are both close to Cardens age. We had a lot of catching up to do so we piled in her car and went to her house for a couple of hours. Carden loved it! He hasn't really had a lot of kids to play with lately. Ideas become reality really fast when Im with Sabrina and next thing you know I am flying down the PV Freeway in her Durango headed for the Costco. Sabrina is in her suv in front of me; she gets out at a stop light, gives me some good directions and heads off to Yelapa for the weekend....

Hurtling down the highway after some successful shopping (thank you S' for your Costco card and all the cash in your wallet!) every time I blink I think "This is great!" and "I am never going to find my way back.... how did I get into this situation?...." But... turns out, my "completely clueless, horrendous and dangerous" driving habits (thank you very much J.Lim) are actually considered a "skill" here in Mexico and I fit in perfectly with all the locals on the road!

The rules here completely make sense to me: The middle lanes are the express; the outer lanes not, the very left lane always turns right...unless it does'nt; the left lane turns left... or straight...or does a U-turn across the freeway; if you hit cobblestones you are not on the highway anymore. Chances are if you follow a car with a white person in it you will end up at Costco or Nuevo Vallarta!

Thanks for the adventure S'. We are really looking forward to spending some more time catching up with that family!.

2012 Cruising Mexico

play time on the boat

2012 Cruising Mexico

More happiness moments:

2012 Cruising Mexico
Ready Set Go....

We have been on the boat for a good 3 weeks now and Rockstar is definitely ready for her bash North to PV.

We have:
Checked the engine
Did an oil and fuel change
Installed a new refrigeration system
Put in a new windlass foot switch
Repaired electrical for charger
Installed a new 12V outlet
Fixed the lifeline netting
Got brightwork redone
Got topside and hull waxed
Eradicated the bee nest
Re-organized the sail lockers for more storage

We are officially ready for the boys to come down and sail Rockstar North.
Carden, Mo and I are headed up by car to PV and will meet them at Paradise Village next Friday!)

2012 Cruising Mexico
Tree Trimming

These maintenance workers at the marina climb up the palm trees unassisted just with spikes on their shoes. We have watched them stay up top for hours sending down palm fronds and bags of coconuts (for safety) before coming down. Makes you wonder if they are WCB covered?

2012 Cruising Mexico

The cruising/ Sailing world is full of boat owners searching for something. Adventure, freedom, paradise, happiness..... somewhere warm to do boat maintenance?
This photo is my happiness moment today....

2012 Cruising Mexico

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