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Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.

13 September 2010
11 September 2010 | Nantes, Bretagne-France
07 September 2010 | Bretagne (or Normandie?)
02 September 2010 | still the same...
31 August 2010 | Rezè- Bretagne (boat in Rio Guadiana)
09 August 2010 | Rezé//Bretagne//France
18 July 2010 | Clisson/La Sèvre
15 July 2010 | Nantes/ Brittany
14 July 2010 | Nantes/Bretagne/France
25 June 2010 | Gamleby- Sweden
05 June 2010 | Mértola// Minas San Domingo
27 May 2010 | Alcoutim
24 May 2010 | of the River
21 May 2010 | Alcoutim/Sanlucar
21 May 2010 | Alcoutim/Sanlucar
16 May 2010 | Alcoutim
10 May 2010 | Alcoutim/Sanlucar
30 April 2010 | Alcoutim-PT// Sanlucar- ES
24 April 2010 | Ayamonte - Andalucia - Spain

15 July 2007
1-4 July

We made the last 5 miles to Engesberg, the harbour of the Sailing Society of Gefle(Gavle).

Sanna left for work again. She will rejoin in another three weeks. I spent this time with my parents,

only sleeping on board.

5 July

Jan W, an old friend of mine, came on board to crew for a few days. He crewed with me during four

weeks exactly 25 years ago, so we figured its about time to celebrate a Jubilee.

N to NE winds predicted for the next few days, and we had a NE 8-22 knots today. Since we are

heading north along this quite unsheltered stretch of coastline, we had to beat the wind today. Jan,

who hasnt been to sea much during the last few years, went seasick a soon as we came out on the

open sea, and the swell throw us around for a while. Short tack to east, then a long tack to the north.

This way we made some 30-35 miles to a sheltered island called Kusoekalv, where we anchored for

the night.

6 July

New wheather forecast for the next few days. Gale force Northerly winds, accompanied by rain and

dropping temperatures. A low pressure system SE of us makes this little scenario come true.


My bad luck with the Wind Gods seems never to change on this trip. We decided to go to the

nearest harbour to let Jan catch a bus and then a train back to Stockholm. As everyone knows,

staying on shore is a very efficient way of avoiding seasickness. We motored to Axmar Brygga in

the afternon. A neat little trip of 2,5 miles. The good part of this is that there is a very good

restaurant here, specialized in fish. The bad part is that this fact, seriously weakens my cruising

kitty. Anyway, we enjoyed the dinner.

7-9 July

Hard northerly winds, accompanied by heavy rain, kept me at the dock at Axmar. Read two books,

400 + 200 pages, did some writing and made good friends with the crew of s/v Sissela from

Skelleftea further north. They were on their way home from Stockholm and we had some good talks

over a cup of coffee, exchanging tips of harbours and we also had a sauna together a couple of


10-11 July

At last! Not much sailing during the last week. NW changing over W to S predicted for today.

Untied the docking lines at 9 pm and got underway. He wind actually turned out to be E and in the

10-17 knts range. Lovely sailing, clouds disappearing during the day. I had 20 hours of perfect

sailing at open sea, 5-6,5 knots SOG, course around 020 degrees all the way, and Helmer (my Aries

wind vane) steering happily. I just kept going, to take advantage of the wind as long as possible.

After some 100 miles with 12 more to go to the town of Harnosand, the good time was over though.

A sudden 180 wind shift, waked me up and made me go on deck at 3 am, to sort out the sheeting.

Back to bed. Another shift saw me repeat the process. Then the wind died out completely and we

were there, with flogging sails in the swell. Not fun, and certainly not cmfortable, as everyone

knows, who has been trying it out. Then some wind, some hope, and the whole process over and

over again. Around 10, after having breakfast, I gave up and motored 3 hours to get to Vagnoe a

few miles E of Harnosand. Beautiful, sheltered islet, with the military having the opposite island as

a playing ground. Actually, my father spent the most part of his military sevice here 50 years ago.

Now it is the club harbour for Harnosand Sailing Society, with a club house, a sauna and nice

people all around.

The next few days, I want to spend a little bit further north, at Hoega Kusten,(high coast) one of the

supposedly most beautiful stretches along the swedish eastern coastline. Deep fjords, high islands

(Mjaltoen, the highest with a peak at 236 meters) and old fisherman villages at sheltered spots along

the way. Approximately 35 miles long,its lying there for me to explore.

12-13 July

Sailed some 10-20 miles a day, in the afternoon breeze. Just to get to another sheltered little

anchorage, and to see another picturesque fisherman's village at the seaside. Met some nice people

from Ornskoldsvik ( where Peter Forsberg, the icehockey star, came from) and we spent 3 hours(!)

in the evening taking a sauna together, chatting over a couple of beers. After heating up real good in

that sauna we took a swim in the sea. 10 pm and still light as mid day.

Before that sauna, the crew dog and myself walked/climbed up the top of theMountain at Mjaltoen.

14 July

This morning, really warm and sunny by the way, saw me waking up very slowly. I must admit to

being very tired after that walk, and especially, the loooong sauna. I probably didnt drink enough

beer yesterday to compensate for all the sweating.

After a slow breakfast, with extra rations of coffee, and a couple of lazy hours on deck in the sun, I

left the ancorage at 2 pm to do some sight-seeing cruising. Just a few miles to the east in the

narrow passage between N and S Ulvoen (wolf island) lies an incredibly picturesque little village,

with all its red wooden cottages, and the boat houses stretching out over the water.

From there, I runned wing-wing at 6 knots SOG to the next village, Trysunda, perhaps even more

beautiful. Who can judge between them. However at a Saturday, in the middle of the vacation

month, the tiny harbur was filled up with yachts already. I decided then to go for the Marina in the

town center of Ornskldsvik. A first class marina, with all facilities, including internet. Tied up at

the jetty at 8 pm and had a beer at the nearest bar before dinner. An interesting contrast to the old

villages, large, modern buildings of glass and concrete, restaurants, bars and lts of tourists. Cars and

land-born peopleI havent seen in quite a while now.
Vessel Name: Röde Orm
Vessel Make/Model: Laurin 32 ketch built in 1965
Hailing Port: Falsterbo -Sweden
Crew: Magnus & Isabelle
MAGNUS, Swedish skipper. Navigation teacher and a Commercial Yachtmaster. After many years of dreaming, recently sold off his business since over 20 years. Left swedish waters in June 2009 and hasn't yet looked back ISABELLE, Born in Brittany/France & First Mate. [...]
During 2008 we cruised during two and a half months in the Baltic Sea as covered in the older posts on this blog together with Magnus's 2007 cruise to 66 degrees North in the Baltic Sea. During this spring of 2009 we completed an extensive exterior refit of Röde Orm, and untied the docking [...]
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