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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
Not just relaxing...
09/11/2009, Ria de Ares

but actually working. In truth, the living expenses are lower now when we live onboard and cruise. But we do need 'douhg' for food, fuel, marina fees, an occassional dinner at restaurant and miscellaneous small boat related expenses that do add up.

So, at anchor and with access to wifi, I am trading on the financial markets. this week I have been sitting in the cabin in front of my computer from 9AM to 10.30 PM. first the swedish exchange and then the NYSE. Phew, I do sleep well at night after a working day like that.

Thought I had to share this with you, so you won't think that we're on a never-ending vacation.... in fact, we are better off than that in my opinion. We ar on an open-ended life-style journey.

Trully, earning a living as a stock market trader/private investor is no for everyone. For me, it seems like the perfect occupation living on a boat. The only thing I need is the internet and a computer... yeah, my head obviously :-D

The weather is warm and sunny mot of the time, but the wind outside our sheltered Ria is in the 25.35 knot range( 6-7 B) so it is a good opportunity to try and top up the cruising kitty. Today, it's Friday, and we would like to go to La Coruna to explore this medieval town in the weekend.

Relaxing at anchor
09/08/2009, Ria de Ares

Dense fog in the morning. The other boats in the anchorage were no longer visible. 25-30 meters visibilty. Well, a slow and lazy morning is nice too. Unfortunately the fog seem to have a detrimental effect on the wifi waves. No reception now, even though it was fine last night. Same phenomena as in Ria de Cedeiro. So, now almost statistically proven.

Tea, and freshly baked (last night) bread is an enjoyable star of a new day, even without news and weather over the internet. The forecast last night revealed weak and variable winds for today, and tomorrow and Thursday NE Force 5-6 (20 -30 knots or 9-13 m/s).

Still foggy after lunch as can be seen in the photo. We diecided to hang around here a couple of days. Maybe we'll make a bus trip to La Coruna. we don't need or want to get 'stuck' in an expensive marina again for a few days while blow will pass through. This anchorage is provides good shelter and holding and the shore is a mere cable or too away.

Map showing our cruise until now

click on it to enlarge

Big fish?
09/07/2009, Ria de Ares

Breaking news! This morning at 8 AM there was 11 degrees outdoors and a mere 15 in the caabin. Dense fog, söowly lifting while the just made it aver the tops of the surrounding hills. Dead calm. Not the best weather for sailing but trully magical. I hope the pictures managed to caapture some of the felling one gets on such an occassion. Man is so small compared to the beauty of the world surrounding us. A world that our civilization seems to be ruining at an accelerating pace...

Almosta no wind until a few miles before the chosen anchorage for today. The fog stayed until after noon, forcing us to wear warm clothes and raingear and practicing that radar navigation again.

In the afternnoon it lifted slowly, revealing another warm and sunny day. Since we were motoring again, most of the day, I took the opportunity to get the fishing gear ready and tried trailing a line. Three maquerels were prodly presented to the chef. On the picture, you can see the first capture. first the maquerel and then a 'bird's nest' of lines and parts of fishing net, that the lead weight on the line had captured. Heavy as it waas to haul back to the boat, I dreamt of BIG fish on the hook...

The freshly caught fish tasted wonderful for dinner, after we had anchored in this little Ria, just a few miles NE of La Coruna. Tomorrow we will go to this lovely old town to explore it.

Coastal hopping
09/06/2009, Ria de Cedeiro N 43,39 W 08,03

We are doing 25-30 miles coastal work a day now. Yesterday we left Ribadeo at 8AM, just after sunrise, to take advantage of the outgoing tide for the next Ria that provides good anchorng facilities. Ria Vivero. Yes, the one we were aiming at when crossing the Bay of Biscay. It appears to be more of a resort than Ribadeo, which is a lively town without too much make-up on. Whilst Vivero seems more like all those 'cute' liitle waterfront towns with hotels, summer houses including rentals. Personally, i like the 'real' places, with every day life and people working and living better. That said, Vivero is very nice and provides good shelter.

The sailing was great, 20-25 knot (F 4-5, gusting to 6) from E and a 2-2,5 meter swell from NW made it quite rolly though. We started with the mizzen furled and one reef in the main, but soon enough took another reef in the main to make the ride more comfortable. Indeed, just after having a 'splash' that to some extent fond it's way down the companionway. Most of it ended up in the galley zink, though, so no harm done.

After a night with the boats rolling quite a bit at the anchorage due to the swell, that somehow found it's way in behind the little islet, where we were anchored, 3 of us in total, we wwighed anchor again in the morning to pass
Spains northernmost point - Estaca de Bares - and then Cabo Ortegal with it's offlying needle rocks, known as Los Aguillones.

Not much wind today, after a sloppy start in the heavy swell between the mountaineous shores in the light morning breeze, we could turn to port and made quite good speed with help from the genoa and the tidal stream.

In the afternoon the breeze disappeared completely, the swell had come down by now ad we motored the last hour and a half, trailing a fishing line with no success.

Anchored in a beautiful and very well sheltered little bay in Ria de Cedeiro, just off a wonderful beach with white sand. Here we saw the first swedish boat since the UK. A Malö with an elderly couple from Nyköping. This is the town I lived in when I started in sailing. One of many coincidences in life.

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