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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
05/16/2010, Alcoutim

We decided to grab our back-packs, the tent and the 'good old' Trangia' stove and go trekking these beautiful montains (OK; hills) this weekend. When I woke up, later than usual yesterday morning to make coffee, I noticed a well known neighbour boat about 15 meters astern from us. Took my sleepy mind a few seconds to realise that the same neighbour boat SHUOLD be at least 00 meter away...

Red alert!

We were dragging anchor. Yesterday afternoon the wind picked up quite a bit, and we were 'all-over-the place' while the tide and the wind fought a hard battle.

Apparently that was enough to break the anchor loose from the stony bottom and then we had slowly dragged with the outgoing tide during the night.

The coffee had to wait, I woke up Isabelle and we hastily moved the boat and reanchored. After breakfast we decided to tye up to the pontoon since we were to leave 'Röde Orm' more than a day.

Apart from this incident, we had a very nice trekking trip north from here. The landscape is quite stunning with all these hills, mostly with almond, fig-, and olive trees and every so often a little tributary river.

The only downside is that I get blisters all over my feet when I walk long distances and it's warm...

will be very stationary the next few days.

more pictures uploaded

Still here, nosing around...
05/10/2010, Alcoutim/Sanlucar

We're enjoying ourselves, making friends with people and exploring the river and the surrounding nature. It is not very crowded or exploited here, so fits us perfectly.

Uploaded a few more pictures...

be back later....

Alcoutim and Sanlucar - twin villages

We have spent the last few days, exploring these two villages and the respective old fort.

It'd very nice here and we will now try to figure out where to leave the boat when we - albeit reluctantly- will have to fly north.

Uploaded a bunch of new pictures to the 'Photo Gallery'

more to come soon...

The land in Between
04/30/2010, Alcoutim-PT// Sanlucar- ES

After a few lazy days, when we moved a few miles with the tide, from one sleepy village to the next, yesterday we arrived at Alcoutim at the Portuguese side, and Sanlucar at the Spanish side.

Each little town is overlooking the other one, divided by approx. 100 meters width of river water. Both towns also has an old fortress overlooking it's counterpart.

Interestingly enough, the last time these neighbour countries actually were at waar with eachother, was in the later 1600s, the same time as the last war between Sweden and Denmark.

Perhaps we could label the 17th century as the 'great neighbor war-century' ?

Hard to imagine the fierce battles that probably took place here, because there's difficult to imagine a more idyllic place on earth....

Both the villages has pontoons where visiting boats can tie up, there is water and power at the pontoons, and even a dedicating building with showers (!)

Pure luxury, for us since we can hardly remember the last time we had a hot shower indoors...

Tomorrow, the 1stof May and on Sunday, there will be PARTY here. A 'spring welcoming part' of sorts and in both villages, so we can pick the raisons out of the cake.

Today, we went to buy some food, in the morning to Alcoutim, and in the afternoon in Sanlucar.

Sometimes, life is truely beautiful.

Back to Spain - The Rio Guadiana
N 37,10 W 07, 24
04/24/2010, Ayamonte - Andalucia - Spain

The weatherforecast 'promised' us a northerly breeze of some 10 knots today, so a brilliant day to preceed the 13 odd miles to the Rio Guadiana.

Unfortunately we didn't find much of that breeze, when we left around 9 in the morning when the flood just started. So the engine got a lttle workout while we enjoyed the sunny weather and the warmest day this far during 2010. Around 27 degrees, means at sea one needs a t-shirt at least, because it feels a bit more chilly than on land. the water temp. is still 15-16 degrees in the sea so keeps a nice chill in the bilge where we store provisions that benefit from a cool place.

The river is wider than we expected inside the entrance. To our left - the Portuguese town of 'Vila Real de San Antonio' and at our right the spanish 'Ayamonte'. A choice to be made....

Since it's almost 6 months since we left Spain for Portugal, we thought it was time for a return, and anchored just north of the centre of Ayamonte. Right opposite a yard where 2 laarger fishing vessels was on the slipway with shafts out and propellers on the ground. A regular maintenance session apparently.

The tide, and especially the ebb of course, runs very strong here.... look at tha photo of our bow and the anhor chain. We are NOT making 4,5 knots through the water.... the river is making 4,5 knots around us!

Speed enough to make the anchor snubber (line to take the load of the windlass) vibrate at around 200 a minute producing a very unfamiliar singing noice inside the boat, especially in the fore cabin where we sleep.

Thus, the Captain, didn't sleep all that well the first night

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