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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
Lots of weather here now
06/27/2008, Falserbo

dark clouds hastily passing by. A couple of thunderstorms with squalls. And sometimes some sunshine in between.

Reminds me of the Scot who said:

-don't you like the weather?? Well, just wait five minutes then...

In a few hours, at 3AM we'll be on our way to Split,Croatia.

That'll be interesting for a change.

Getting almost ready
Magnus/after rain comes sun
06/25/2008, still there!

It's just the radar.... well, fingers crossed. Tonight we will be able to try out the v-berth after fitting a board in between the bunks, and changing all the soggy mattresses out for new, soft and THICK ones. Mmmmm, it's like sleeping on a little cloud

Working on the boat...
06/24/2008 make her ready for departure when we return from Croatia.

I have installed two new solar panels as you can see on the picture above. The radar, that failed to work last september (when I really needed it in thick fog!) is still on repair. Boatnav in Lund kindly offered to lend me another display unit for this summer's sail. Happy enough with this, I installed it. Sadly enough only to discover that it didn't work. Dead. Black screen. A new phone call... and he 'almost' made me a promise to come here before Friday to try to figure it out...

Meanwhile, Isabelle has been very busy installing lots of smart little things that will make life onboard more convenient. Like custom made bags and nets and baskets to store all those small items that are almost never found where you'd expect to find them.
Experience pays off, especially when combined with some good thinking.

sunny, well most of the day anyway ;-D
06/22/2008, N 55 41,0 E 12 93,0

but for a good reason. I have got an assignment as skipper on a charterboat in Split, Croatia for a week. We'll fly from Copenhagen very early next Saturday morning.

It will be nice to get an opportunity to see the archjpelago down there, not to mention a few swims in a crystal clear turquoise water at 24-26 degrees C

On this picture Rde Orm is gently rocking at her slip in the marina here in Falsterbo Canal

Time to untie the dock lines again
Magnus //sunny between thunderstorms
06/15/2008, Falsterbo Canal

Delayed a week or thereabout, we are now seriously looking forward to being on the water again. It will be during three and a half month this summer. Next year, by this time, the Big Departure will take place. (fingers crossed)

We will probably explore the eastern coastline of the Baltic Sea. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are new cruising grounds for both of us. Then I would like to show Isabelle some of the nicest spots in the Swedish and Finnish archipelago. A visit in the Capital of Finland, Helsinki is in the planned route too.

Follow us on our little adventure...

on the picture you can see the cabin of Rde Orm

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Who: Magnus & Isabelle
Port: Falsterbo -Sweden
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