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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
Great sailing to the Stockholm Archipelago
09/10/2008, Ostholmen N 59 23,5 E 18 53,5

We left early in the morning to take advantage of the ENE wind between 20-25 knots. A really exhilirating sail during which we never logged less than 6,5 knots.
Gray skies though, and the only downside (?) was that Isabelle hardly saw much of the archipelago I have been bragging about so much. The 25 miles of open sea between ?.land and Sweden was done and over with at noon, the rest of the day we broadreched at 7-7,5 knots southwards in the fairway. At sunset, we went in to the cove at Ostholmen, close to the Mja Island where we anchored around 6.30 PM

After dinner we went to bed early and slept like babies.


The Harbour Master helped me find the company that dealt with Yanmar engines in town, and when I called them the mechanic came to our boat within an hour. Superb service. It was raining again, but the near gale force NE winds forecasted were not to be percepted. I rigged a tarp over the cockpit to accomodate the mechanic.

Unfortunately it turned out that his firm had just recently taking up Yanmar service, and he didn't really have the experience to 'examine' our engine problem. At least he was honest and straight-forward enough to say so.

Next option is to sail west to the Stockholm Archpelago. Just south of it lies the town of Nynshamn, where it is very convenient to make a stop for provisioning anyway, and there is a Yanmar dealer there too. The next possibility further south would be Oxelsund which is also easily accessed from the sea.

During the afternoon I showed Isabelle around in the town. Admittingly it appears a lot more interesting in the vacation period in the summer but there was actually more people in the streets than I expected.

Just before we left the dock for the walk, a significant thunderous sound, apparently from huge diesel engines caught our attention- It turned out to be a former Swedish Navy LAnding Craft 200 with a crew of three who docked just ahead of us. Since those guys obviously had a keen interest in marine diesel engines (three of them on board 300 hp and 11 litres cylinder volume each and all built in 1958!!) I consulted them about my 'tiny' little auxiliary.

Interstingly enough they discarded my theory of water entering the cylinder right away and insted voted for an injector problem. Not uncommon on a new engine, according to their collective wisdom. Just a tiny bit of paint or whatever would make the injector work unproperly, and furthermore would most likely 'heal' by itself, or more correctly solve itself over a few hours more of motoring...

Interesting theory, obviously I hope it's the correct one too.... we'll see. Anyway they didn't think it would be hazardous to keep using it though, which gives me some comfort in heading southwest tomorrow.

The landing craft on the pic.

One Long day of Sailing again
09/09/2008, Mariehamn N 60, 06 E 19,56

A slow progress in Weak winds and drizzling rain

We were under sail from 8.30 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon to make it to Mariehamn. The capital of ?.land. The forecast told us about NE 12-20 knots but we never saw more than 8 of those knots, and most of the time less. Thus we made very slow progress, and since it was raining all day long, it was actually one of those (few) days when I wonder why I am out on the water in the first place..

Anyway, after taking a mooring bouy in the picturesque marina at Vsterhamn, the W side of the peninsula the town is built upon, and within 15 minutes being properly installed in the sauna, all 'hardship' vanished from my mind and the evening was nice in our snug cabin with yet another delicious meal prepared by Isabelle and a glass of red wine to accompany it.
During the day we passed Kkar where this picture is showing the church, and Degerby and then Lemland on our Starboard side

A 12 hour Day Sail
09/07/2008, Skattskr

Going NW to Skattskr, just south of Sottunga on ?.land

Leaving Finland for the semi-autonomous province of ?.lsnd. With all it's beatiful islands and it's 25000 proud inhabitants, ?.land is definetely a place that holds a special palce in my heart.

We had a fine sail today, albeit long, and arriived after dark to this beatiful little anchorage that I found last year. No pic's this time, but the ones from last yeaar is still there on the Flickr site.

The picture shows a fish breeding plant we passed during the day. The Tug boat is moving a 'fenced' fish-filled net to a new location. A new kind off migrating salmon perhaps?

New Engine Problems?!!
09/06/2008, Jurmo

When I fired up the engine this morning it took at least 15 seconds of cranking before it started. A fair bit of unburnt fuel came with the cooling water and lots of grey smoke to follow.

And horror! As soon as it was was working normally again I could here the knocking sound. Could it be that some water had come into at least one cylinder and thus bent a valve or two???? I felt just devastated now, this is too much. Sorry, but the Estonians hadn't got a clue as how to install an engine. Despite me mentioning this issue and asking about a vacuum valve at least twice they just shrugged and showed no signs what so ever of even being aware of the existance of such an item.

OK, we HAVE to get a mechanic in Mariehamn, and tonight I HAVE to disconnect the water hose from the exhaust elbow to see if that helps. Then I have the diagnosis clear, I think. Unfortunately, this would mean that this brand new engine with 4 hours on the gauge has to be opened again in a half day job at least. Will this voyage ever get back to being normal I wonder?

A light headwind kept us motoring for 4-5 hours. You will probablyy not believe this, but after an hour or so the next engine problem arose. First the RPM gauge stopped working. Hmm, no big deal, but it suggests a wiring problem or a bad connection somewhere. Then after a while the Beeper and 'low oil pressure alarm lamp' started acting up. Not steadily though, but like a connection issue too. I shut the egine off and then started again, same thing. Shut it off - disconnected the wire harness and connected it again- Then it worked. Interesting isn't it?

Anyway, the effort of today took us to Jurmo, this lovely pearl among all the jewels of th Finnish Archipelago Sea. I described this last year in this blog, so let me just add that it was raining, we picked a litre of lingonberries while walking around the island for 3 hours in the afternoon. Then we cooked Lingonberry Jam! Mmmm, soooo nice.

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