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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
Getting Stuck in the Mud
09/15/2008, Lng-Trss N 57 57,0 E16 47,3

In the morning we had a walk across the island to the village together with Staffan.

We were hoping to find some mushrooms, but that was not to happen. We found some wild berries that are excellent to flavour vodka with though, and the village was as picturesque as always including the red water lilies in the pond where the villagers get their drinking water. (see pic)

after lunch Isa and I got going again, while Staffan was to spebd another night before heading back north to Stockholm again.

Yet another fast and exciting trip through the archipelago, until we anchored for the night at another of my favourite spots. Much to my surprise we got stuck in the muddy seafloor when we anchored. I've seen vessels with deeper draught then our's anchor here on numerous occations, but what I didn't take into account was that caused by the mighty High Pressure system, we currently have low water by at least 40 cm's. Oooops!

OK, It was quite late, about to get dark in a few minutes and since there is no tides here, and we were perfectly sheltered from the wind, we decided to go to sleep and hopefully wharp our way out of here in the morning...

Meeting 'Dorinda' and Staffan again
09/14/2008, Harstena N 58 15,7 E 17 01,4

Left 7 AM to get to Harstena in time to enjoy a BBQ together with Staffan tonight. 55 miles runninng in ,yes still NE, but qute weak. We didn't make as much progress as we would have wished for. Mostly between 3-4 knots and with the sails flogging back and forth in the swells still present after the last few days stronger winds. we ended up motoring the last hour and a half when the speed dropped down to around 2,5 knots.

The reward for this was a very pleasant evening when Staffan invited us for grilled pork fillet on the smooth rocks on shore in the sheltered bay. We didn't get back on board until way after dark. On the pic yo can see our boats enjoying the company ;-)

Reinstalling radar and meeting with Parents
09/13/2008, Nynshamn

Anders, the Yanmar mechanic, had a look at the engine issue, and concluded:

1. That the installation was not quite professionally made
2. That this was not serious enough to keep us from sailing back south and use the engine, and;
3. He gave me a few useful hints as to how a could address the problems during the upcoming winter season.

Good; I wo'nt torture you with more talking about this.

My parents came down here from Gvle, to meet us and we had a very nice time during Friday-Saturday including two very good dinners at the restaurant 15 meters from the bow of Rde Orm. This was a bit funny, since Dad asked me to have a look at this restarurant before they arrived in the afternoon and we walked around the whole town center before we realized it was the one right at the dock...

My parent also brought the radar, that after it's repair was sent to them, since it wasn't ready in time for our departure in early July. In Saturday morning, I hoisted Isabelle up the mizzen mast to reinstall the dome, after I had plugged the 14 different cables back in place.

Nynshamn Harbour
09/11/2008, N 58 54,1 E 15 57,5

High Pressure taoday aswell. A giant high has parked over Scandinavia, providing us with this unusual NE wind. Normally we have SW wind 80 % of the time in September, but we surely don't mind...

With the wind comes cold air from the north of course, and it's quite gray with occassional showers despite the pressure.

With an equally fast trip as yeaterday, we passed the southern half of the Archipelago and took a mooring in the Guest Harbour in Nynshamn. I phoned the local Yanmar dealer on the way, and he promised to have a look at the engine installation tomorrow at noon. Great, since I want to obtain some peace of mind regarding this issue...

during the day we passed Dalar, and Dalar skans which is shown in the pic

Great sailing to the Stockholm Archipelago
09/10/2008, Ostholmen N 59 23,5 E 18 53,5

We left early in the morning to take advantage of the ENE wind between 20-25 knots. A really exhilirating sail during which we never logged less than 6,5 knots.
Gray skies though, and the only downside (?) was that Isabelle hardly saw much of the archipelago I have been bragging about so much. The 25 miles of open sea between ?.land and Sweden was done and over with at noon, the rest of the day we broadreched at 7-7,5 knots southwards in the fairway. At sunset, we went in to the cove at Ostholmen, close to the Mja Island where we anchored around 6.30 PM

After dinner we went to bed early and slept like babies.

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