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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
Leisurely sailing and a Good Walk
09/22/2008, Trn - Hllaryds skrgrd

Gray skies and drizzling rain most of the day. The NE wind is still with us, but significantly weaker than the forecasteers would like to believe.

We left the anchorage after lunch, for a 3,5 mile move to the next island on the 'Must visit'-list. Trn.

Wlaked around the island for couple of hours, had a looka t the lighthouse on top and discoverd lots of lichens and ferns, as you could see in the photos.

Again, a relaxed evening in the cabin with a spicy chili and the wine we bought in Estonia. It's french, was quite cheap and tastes like grape juice with some alcohol added.Despite this its' enjoyable...

Enjoying the Archipelago
09/21/2008, Tjr N 56 10,3 E 15,02,5

...despite the cold and the gray skies. I could be repeating myself here, but it's sooo weird with a mighty high pressure system and yet we have hardly seen the sun in 3 weeks time.

We will not let our mood drop to much though, the positive side is we are having the whole little island world of Bleking all for ourselves.

When we sailed westward for 3-4 hours today we met 3-4 weekend sailors but at anchor we don't see a living soul.

Basically we are moving from one to the next of my fvourite spots here, just to relax and enjoy and obviously to show them to Isabelle.

Tjr is an island full of life, boats and people during vacation season and those summer weekends when the weather is sunny and warm. Now , there was only one other boat there while we had a 4 km walk around the island during the afternoon.

Around 4 PM we moved half a mile to a protected cove just south of Tjr to spend the night.

Warm and nice in the cabin, with our diesel heater running...

There are quite a lot of deers here, and usually one can hear the bucks 'screaming' when they try to impress each other during mating season.

This time we couldn't here them, I don't know it it is still too early in the fall...

Marine Museum in Karlskrona
09/20/2008, Arp Kalv N 56 07,8 E 15 25,7

Dead calm in the morning too. After breakfast we motored for an hour to the town. We wanted to visit the Marine Museum in the Navy town of Karlskrona, now a 'World Heritage'

It was so interesting that we spent five hours in the museum building, including having lunch in their restaurant.

At 4 PM, after filling water, we motored the few miles to Arp Kalv and yet another of the Cruising club's bouys. After passing under the opening Hassl Bridge we just about arrived before a marvelous sunset that we watched from the cockpit siping on a tiny glass of rhum.

The camera was forgotten below decks today, so the pic shows Isabelle changing head sail a couple of dys ago

The Old Pilot's Watch at Lngren
09/19/2008, N of Senoren N 56 08,1 E 15 45,0

Dead calm.

Motored slowly into the Blekinge Archipelago at Lngren, the old pilot watch. We made a stop here in the afternoon to tak a look at the museum watchtower and the village that keeps it company.

Then we continued towards the Navy base in the town of Karlskrona and spent the night in a bay north of the island of Senoren tied up to one of the Swedish Cruising Club's mooring bouys.

The pic shows the tower at Lngren

Slow progress! ...for once
09/18/2008, Kristianopel N 56 15,3 E 6 02,3

Almost calm, so we took the opportunity to sleep a bit longer today and didn't haul anchor until 11.

Since we have been pressing on for some days in a row now, it felt really good to relax a couple of hours.

A really light breeze barely kept us moving for a few miles. Then dead calm. Flogging sails in the swell. This is about the worst conditions I could think of, an opinion I guess I share with most sailors.

All the landlubbers I know always worry and ask about storms. Being becalmed is a lot worse, since it gets to your nerves.

Thus we motored the 15 or so miles to Kristianopel. This picturesque little village that was the location for at least two really bloody battles between the Swedish and the Danish Armys in the latter half of the 1600's as I described during last years cruise. I spent three nights here last year waitning for the SW to decrease or veer.

We took the opportunity to wash some sheets and towels here, and it was nice to talk to Sven-Erik, the Harbour Master again. He is a very nice guy and a great personality. Also one of the few still among us, who actually has been 'sailing for his bread' as young.

We really appreciated a hot shower too, since we haven't had one since Nynshamn. The picture shows the Navy ship 'Visborg' that we met a couple of days ago.

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