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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
How to stay warm in the boat during winter
03/29/2009, Falsterbo

Everybody, once we tell them we are living on the boat now during the nordic winter, keeps asking us the same question:
-'Isn't that very cold?'

So, here's the answer. - No it's not. It is, obviously, a bit cramped compared to living in a house, but also very nice and close to the elements.

OK, on this picture you can see our means of keeping the cabin warm and dry. A diesel heater that provides us with up to 4 kW using 2-4 liters of diesel per day.

We never yet had to run it on more than low flame, so we could probably have a nice micro-climate inside the boat even on Greenland at winter.

As a matter of fact, we did for a while play with the idea of sailing the old Viking route. Iceland-Greenland- Nova Scotia/Labrador and then southward along the US East Coast.

However, after spending two months mostly 'captured' inside the cabin, we definetely agree on going to the warm and nice parts of the planet least on e more winter just 'sitting' in the icy, snowy environment isn't THAT appealing at this point.

So here's the latest (beta-)version of our planned route, or at least the first stages of it...

Falsterbo to Thyboröen(Denmark) via Anholt Island, and then to Shetland Islands from there and with a really favorable weather window we might do the 170 miles trip from Shetland to Färöyar. Later to Scotland; Ireland, Brittany, Galicia (Spain) Portugal and Madeira and the Canary Islands. (Where hopefully our families can join us for a week or two)

Here we'll will need to make a choice between two alternatives. Either to Senegal and then Brazil, or to Cap Verde and then the Caribbean. We'll see....

As a matter of fact, we don't want to plan ahead more than absolutely necessary, since for us, a great part of the fun is to voyage with an open mind to whatever occurs 'en route'.

More to come, but first the boat has to come on the hard for a paintjob and some installations and preparations...

Sailing? No, gardening!!
03/05/2009, Gamleby

Too cold and wet for sailing at the moment, but our little house - and refuge on land - got some attention this weekend instead. There's 6 or 7 pear- and appletrees in the garden and the nearest neighbour kindly informed us that now is the time to trim the trees before the season. We honestly do not have a clue if we will be around to harvest any fruit this year, but had a go at it nevertheless.

Yes, it's the skipper climbing in the pear tree. Isabelle behind the camera and the little house in the background

A walk II

while this one stands there, strong and sturdy

A Walk along the beach

is nice for a change. This tree has seen the best of it's existance...

The Ice stays with us for a while

this time. Definetely nicer than windy and humid.

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Who: Magnus & Isabelle
Port: Falsterbo -Sweden
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