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The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden
Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.
At Anchor
07/05/2009, Bembridge - Isle of Wight

Pretty sunny and the wind is picking up from SW. A small and comparately weak Low will pass over the British Isles the next couple of days. At this moment it looks like we could have a good weather window starting on Thursday for the leap around the infamous waters surrounding Ile d'Oessant (Ushant) and the western point of Bretagne/Brittany.

This suits us just fine, since we would like to explore Isle of Wight a bit closer.

After the usual chores before taking off from harbour/marina, consisting of going provisioning (buying grocerys) equipped with backpacks, topping the boat's tank of fresh water etc. we took off around 3 PM on the last outgoing tide. We didn't even bother to set sail for the 3,5 mile trip across The Solent to Priory Bay just outside Bembridge - Isle of Wight - where we anchored a bit closer to shore than last time. Seasoned Solent Sailors by now obviously. Given that it is Sunday and sunny there were 15-20 boats at anchor here, most of them left when the tide turned in the afternoon, for another working week I guess.

We had a quiet evening just the two of us catching up on some writing and reading.

Stonehenge and back to Portsmouth
07/04/2009, N 50.48 - W 1.07

Everything has an end, even these ineresting and enjoyable days in the NW part of England. Today a new car drve back to the boat for us, and Dave continuing to London by himself to meet an old friend on his Birthday-

We made a stop at Stonehenge where we spent an hour or two admiring these 'Pyramids of Europe'.

Just before Portsmouth, we had dinner at Pub where the menu was very modern, 'Med Style' and the surrounding countryside as nice as ever.

For myself, I spent the latter part of the evening installing a new harddrive and Win Vista + Nav. software and charts on Isabelle's laptop. The symptoms weere there for some time, but a few days ago the computer could simply not find the Harddrive on start-up.

When it comes to charts, we carry three computers. The work-horse, the backup and then the backup on the backup. Furthermore a couple of external drives plus the installation discs. Additionally we carry some paper charts too, including large scale charts (plotting charts) of the waters we plan to sail the nearest six months or so.

Speliology, Walking and BBQ
07/03/2009, Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire

Jen, the poor girl, had to work today from 7 AM to 7 PM but Isabelle, Dave and I took of for a drive around this breathtakingly beautiful landscape where one hill followed another in a labyrinth-like pattern for many many miles. we visited the nice llittle town of Buxton and a large Cavern in the limestone structure and had a long walk on the hills to see a little Shrine on a slope and a 'Hall' or the ruins of one, several hundred years old. A huge building almost liek a castle, built of large stone and situated in pristine environment.

After all that walking were starving of course and had a BBQ in Jen's garden with Scottish Beafs, sallad and accessories. As if this wasn't enough we took off by foot again to the Pub in the next village. Not by car but by an interesting 'shortcut' over the hills, over a bridge crossing a river and through the darekest forest. All this without flashlights and with wet mud all over the place after the THunder storms we experienced in the morning.

Very interesting expedition where the rest of us learned that Dave has a terrific night-vision. He claimed that to be caused by his slightly defect ability to see the difference between different colours which might well be true. The Ales at the Pub tasted wonderful after thsi little adventure, but that must me obvious for anyone by one.

The New Forest National Park and more...
07/02/2009, Whaley Bridge

After shower and breakfast and a thorough briefing on the Medical kit during the morning, we all took off Northward in Daves car. The plan is to go to Jen's house in Derbyshire for the next couple of days, and on the way there, we spent a couple of hours in a National Park called New Forest. Beautiful scenic landscape with 'wild' horses running freely in this large area. In the evening when we arrived to Jen's home town - Whaley Bridge in the Peak District we went to one of the ever present Indian restaurants where we tried out a variety of currys.

Isle of Wight and Portsmouth

After a really lazy and peaceful morning we moved into a Marina in Gosport, next to Portsmouth.

My old friend Dave, who sailed with me in the Baltic sea 2 years ago will come to meet us here together with his girlfriend Jen(-nifer)

An impressive 5 hour drive from the Manchester area where he lives. With him he will also have the extensive first aid and medical kit that he has put together for Röde Orm and us. Dave has just finished his medical school exam and is now a Doctor.

When they arrived around 7 PM we went 'downtown' and had dinner at a local Pub.

Needless to say, we had to sample a 'good old' Yorkshire Pudding. It does admittingly not look all that appealing on the picture, but tasted great. Very rich and a huge portion though. The Pudding consists of what reminds of a Swedish pancake in the bottom in the shape of a bowl. Inside the bowl a large chunk of mashed potatoes and French fries(!) with gravy, and on top of it 3 sausages at least partially made of liver. All in all rich oldfashioned farmer food. We sampled a few different Ales and Cider with it. After this dinner reunion we could barely make it back to the boat where we all 'dropped dead' and slept like logs

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