Cruising the South (and North) Pacific

28 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima to Honolulu
24 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima to Honolulu
22 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima to Honolulu
20 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima to Honolulu
19 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima to Honolulu
15 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima to Honolulu
12 May 2014 | The middle of the North Pacific
09 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima
06 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima
04 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima
02 May 2014 | ChiChi Jima
25 April 2014 | ChiChi Jima
07 April 2014 | ChiChi Jima
03 April 2014 | ChiChi Jima
27 March 2014 | ChiChi Jima
21 March 2014 | Chichi Jima, Japan
17 March 2014 | Chichi Jima, Japan
13 February 2014
11 February 2014
06 February 2014 | Dejima/Sakai/Osaka to Honolulu


07 April 2012 | Solomons to Majuro
After escaping Delmore and Nauru, we had several nice calm flat days of motoring. Then the Raymarine autopilot computer crashed and John and I had to drive-yuk! I seldom drive. The Rose doesn't like anyone but 'AUTO' driving her. We were doing so well that our router, Bob Mcdavitt told u to slow down so we wouldn't arrive on Easter Sunday and have to pay a lo of after hour fees to customs and immigration. Leslie ( S/V Carina) came up with a plan to get around this problem. So , no sooner than that these completely unexpected trade winds appear out of the NE blowing 15 k with1.5 m seas. Not like we planned. Soon, we are behind schedule and realize we can't complete our plan. Boo Hiss..We pushed Rose really hard , but we just couldn't make good time crashing through waves and fighting headwinds with some gusts to 20k.Thank goodness we have plenty of fuel now. We arrived at the west end of Majuro and knew there was no way to make it in before dark, so we found a calm area @ 1nm from shore and deployed my neat little Sea anchor. Only problem, the blue bag that holds the main rode slid up to the parachute prohibiting it from deploying. John heroically swam out and together we were able to pull it in to the boat so John could free up the bag and get the chute out. Now we are 5nm from shore. Today, my green rubber gloves mysteriously filled up with water and were returned to the tool cabinet to the pile of rags that sets next to the ICOM 802 SSB radio. The water proceeded to run onto the top of the radio and into the connetor holes for the remote which immediately shut down leaving us without email. Stay tuned for the next exciting tale of Woes at sea.
Vessel Name: Compass Rose
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 420 Passage
Hailing Port: Lahaina, Hawaii
Crew: Robert & LuAnne Yapp
We left Maui in April 2010 with LuAnne's son Nick and his girlfriend Michelle. We stopped in Fanning Island, Penrhyn and Suvarov in the Northern Cooks, American Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji before spending the cyclone season in New Zealand. Michelle left in Tonga and Nick made it to New Zealand with us. [...]
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