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Cruising the South (and North) Pacific
Skull Island
02/24/2012, Solomon Islands

Here's a photo that Rob emailed to me yesterday. He doesn't know how to post photos on the blog, so I'm doing it for him. Hope the resolution is high enough. I don't know the story behind the skulls, maybe he'll blog about it.

Crazy day
02/22/2012, Solomons, Lola I

Hi Ya'll, John and I got up early today so he could contact his friends on facebook while I did last minute shopping. We then left Gizo 1100 local time expecting to reach Vona Vona lagoon at Ferguson passage with good noonday sun. As u might imagine though the clouds immediately took over as we approached the passage. But with great confidence in Lorrie's waypoints to Lola I , we forged on. The first waypoint was at the entrance- no problem. However, I didn't zoom out far enough and missed the 3rd waypoint so the narrow dogleg left was missed as we sailed over the reef into 12 ft with our lures still out. As John yelled and I slammed the Rose into reverse. I lost my favorite Mahi lure as it wrapped around the prop. Luckily after some cursing and taking the lord's name in vain, we got back on track. Then it just kept getting more and more shallow. We went for miles with only 17 ft under us. Twice we were in 7 ft of water, but miraculously never hit. Visibility was nil with no sun and murky water. We finally pulled into Lola I at 1710 and dropped the hook. I was exhausted from all the fun getting here, but John had heard there were pretty girls living here so 5 mins after arriving he was off to the beach on the paddle board. Expect to be here several days. Thanks Geoff for the info @ maxsea. I'll try to contact Raymarine to see if the C-70 can connect to the computer like that. Mahalo

Nice spot
02/22/2012, Solomons, Lola I

Aloha, Had a fun day today. John awoke at 0615 and took off to look for surf on my red paddleboard.( he never gets up this early normally).I did my stretches , had b'fast and spent the day building a rain diverter for the S'bd water intake. Risen bread man then hit another home run with his very Risen bread. I'm also thinking of starting a bakery so I can share my new found talents with the world. I then made water for an hour and frantically cleaned the st'bd deck when a rain squall hit in the midst of making water. Put up the rain catcher just in time for the rain to stop. At 1830, went to the Lola bar where I met Joe from Seattle, his wife Lisa who owns the Island, and one of there three daughters, Phyllis who is 19 ys old. No tourists here now, apparently June and JUly are there busy months. John meanwhile spent the afternoon hiking about the Island after swimming to shore while I was paddleboarding around the 110 acre island. Hoping for some surf soon. Plan to be here 3 or 4 days. Really beautiful area.

On our way!
02/21/2012, Solomons, Ghizo I

Aloha, John and I spent the morning loading up with diesel in Liapari. We had a lovely sail to Gizo. We came in the N. entrance which was a bit of a challenge since the lights r gone and half the markers are missing. We had good light though and the reefs were obvious. We then were chased in by an approaching squall which fortunately chose to miss us. We rushed into the bank to withdraw money at the ATM so we could buy provisions for the next leg to VonaVona and Lola I. I got numerous waypoints from Lorrie on Tropicana to guide us through the lagoon. I also wish to declare myself "Risen bread mon" as I have finally managed to produce two loaves of awesome risen bread. This was a landmark moment for me as my first three attempts ended in unrisen (though delicious) bread. I subsequently discarded the bug infested white flour and the greenish black wheat flour. John never ceases to amaze me with the amount of food he consumes and the incredible energy he has. Yesterday he paddle boarded all morning ( while I was Baking bread) , then ran across 2 islands with George ( Miami -Uta ) for three hours, then swam while the rest of us were drinking beer under the Hale. If I could just get him to tie a knot and clean a counter I would be so happy. Love ya'll

Sun 19/2/2012
02/19/2012, Solomons, Liapari I

Hi, Today we had dinghy fishing lesson #1, at midday. No strikes, followed by a nice BBQ with the cruisers. 4 boats anchored here now. This was followed by a pleasant walkabout the Island , and then remedial knot tying class followed by John's first trip up the mast to repair the old radar reflector since the new fancy aluminum one is unusable due to its large size and potential trauma to the sail due to my swept back B-R rig. Don't tell LuLu. There is a fuel barge coming soon, so I hope to fill up some Jerry cans before we head out on tues. if it shows up . Managed to destroy my grease gun trying to lubricate the mercury today. Got ten eggs today- Yeah! all in all, not a bad day.

hard to get away
02/18/2012, Solomons, Liapari I

Hi there, Another miracle occurred today. The water maker worked-yeah! Only problem was I over tightened the strainer and ruined it, but fortunately I had a backup strainer. Then we had dinghy training exercises the rest of the afternoon. John ran across to the village on Vella lavella, while I did a walkabout here on Liapari. I also tried to figure out how to connect my C series ( C-70) chartplotter to my computer. After reviewing the installation instructions, I'm afraid it can't be done. The later c120 plotters apparently r computer compatible. I was hoping to connect it to my maxsea program. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know. I have a 232 connector to USB, but it doesn't match the NMEA input on the chartplotter. Any thoughts on that let me know. Plan to leave here Mon. weather permitting. Off to VonaVona lagoon and Lola I.

02/20/2012 | Geoffrey Bourne
Hi Rob,
Not sure what your issue is, but...I had some issues connecting Max Sea to my computer with a 232usb connector. The solution was to download the correct driver from the manufacturer of the usb adapter. Also max sea has to be st to 4800 baud or it won't work. You can always get 1 of those little usb antenna's to supply your position to the computer. Good luck!

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