Rudy's Pacific Odyssey

24 August 2010
23 August 2010 | John Wayne Marina, Sequim
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08 August 2010

Finished Leg 1 - All safe and sound

29 October 2009 | Turtle Bay
Due to the weather the organizers suggested that those with less experience or small kids might slip into a harbor overnight - many did. Those that sailed as we did saw winds up to 30 knots from the NW, waves 10-12 feet. In the early hours the wind died and there was some fog for a while. Then the wind came up and lasted for the rest of the time. A head shackle opened on our spinnaker and it dropped into the water. We pulled it in and it is now drying. After that we ran wing on wing sometime with 2 reefs. we crossed the finish line at 1540 and anchored in the bay just after dark.
We all enjoyed the sailing even though it was a bit challenging at times. Beats drifting around waiting for the breeze.
We saw whales as close as a boat length away and never thought of them as a threat, and many dolphins some of which accompanied us into the finish. (One of the boats was bumped by a pod of whales, but no-one was hurt and all have been rescued.)
It was good to anchor and get a restful sleep.
Having radio problems.

Vessel Name: Wind Child
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 36s7
Hailing Port: Sequim, WA
Crew: Rudy Heessels
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From San Diego to Cabo and on to Puerto Vallarta
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