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Vessel Name: Blondie
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 35
Hailing Port: Winthrop, MA
About: Jim and Robin
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02 December 2009 | Ortega Landing/Jacksonville
Made it up the St. Johns river November 23 and was happy to pass all the bridges down the river heading for Ortega Landing Marina. Thanksgiving was cooked on the boat and despite no stuffing, was still quite filling. Staying put here for a bit, weather nice, location nice, and its Florida!
13 November 2009
The Bad : 1. weather
07 November 2009
Jim left Beaufort on Tuesday and arrived Charleston, SC Thursday. The offshore sail was better than the first leg. Marinas are quite full in Charleston, and Jim anchored night one. Ashley Marina on the Ashley River was able to provide a slip for Jim, and because of the Patriots game being televised on CBS, he will not go back to anchor until Monday.