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A Boat Too Far
Plan B

The wind and current pushed us further east than we had hoped so now we are moving up the WEST coast of Taiwan. We will likely pull into Taichung about halfway up the west coast sometime tomorrow to allow a front to pass, then continue on to Ishigaka this weekend.

04/29/2013 | Dad
Looks like a nice harbor in Taichung. Hope you had better seas going farther west. Thanks for the post. We are following you as close as we are able.
All the best,
Mom & Dad
04/29/2013 | Dad
Hey Cap'n,
As a suggestion how about putting the GMT as well as the date on your Blogs.
Just a thought.
Luzon Straights

A good breeze has brought us most of the way towards Taiwan where we hope to skirt the east coast then catch a ride on the Kuro-shio current to Ishigaki. All is well despite toilet-bowl seas. No fish as yet beyond the usual flying fish. More soon.


Nest stop Ishigaki

The Philippine Coast Guard strikes a threatening pose on the foredeck after boarding. We were boarded twice in one day but they were really more social calls than boardings. We left for Ishigaki at the southern end of the Ryukyu chain this morning, hoping to arrive in 4 days or less if all goes well. We've enjoyed our trip up the Northwest coast of Luzon as the people are friendly as everywhere in the Philippines but it feels good to be moving on. More via satellite as we make our way to Japan.

Bound for Japan

The ladies raising the main. We spent a couple of days in the "100 Islands Nat. Park" fooling with rudders and playing. We should be at the North end of Luzon in 3 days, then we make the jump to Ishigaki at the southern end of the Ryuku Islands.

04/30/2013 | Dan Reed
Power winches are cheating!
Escape from Manila
04/20/2013, Luzon

We stopped in Manila for 9 days to provision and take on fuel and water. Japan is very expensive so we wanted to stock up as much as we could here in the Philippines where food is cheaper. It was a huge job as were were supplying for 3 people for the next 4 months. Annette would make 2 trips a day to the supermarket and they would always send a couple of bag boys home with her to push the carts. We got what we needed to do done, but Manila is a big city with all the noise and pollution that comes with it and we counted the days until we could get out and back to the quiet anchorages. On the plus side, the people were wonderful as everywhere in the Philippines.

While in Manila we also picked up our friend Elizabeth, who will join us for the next 2 months and the three of us have spent the last 5 days slowly making our way north. Sometime next week we will make the jump to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

04/20/2013 | Dad
Wow! It's getting exciting. So far we've been able to follow your on our maps, but we'll soon run out of those. You both look great (all three of you, in fact.) Welcome aboard, Elizabeth. The cesspool photo brought a little reality into the picture of the Philippines.
Keep up the great blogging...
Love, Dad & Mom
04/21/2013 | Roland + Silvia
At this moment we are looking to the sea - but it is the Mediterranean Sea close to Nice in Southern France. So we cannot see you at all. Have a safe trip. We are enjoying your blog and are curious about new informations.
04/21/2013 | chris hall
Dear Annette & Mike:
BRAVO!!! What an exciting time! Beautiful, beautiful landscapes, seascapes, colors, and a sense of serenity in sailing between these islands. Sending you "Kali Taxithi" for your trip to Japan. Enjoy it all!
Is Mike the photographer? FABULOUS!
We all miss you!!!
04/22/2013 | Terri
Cool - Whats for dinner ? Look forward to seeing you on the flip side - love Terri
04/22/2013 | Fran
I can't believe you had to do 4 months worth of shopping! All sounds good and look forward to hearing more as you cruise along... a trip of a lifetime! Love you and look forward to clinking glasses in SB Harbor!

We've spent the last week or so slowly moving from Palawan to Culion and Busuanga Islands in company with "Wings and Strings". Having a blast, enjoying incredible snorkling and scenery. Today we start moving towards Manila again, planning to be there in a week or so, hopefully with a stop at Apo Reef along the way for more snorkling.

04/02/2013 | Kathy Faherty
So good to hear from you! Sounds like you're having a great time! Just came home from a wonderful dinner at Varenna for Dad's 93rd birthday. He was so glad to hear from you today. Love, Kathy
04/03/2013 | Terri
Wow The scenery is really magical I am not sure where that is - very exotic names - I will live this adventure vicariously through you - Enjoy Lots of love Terri
04/03/2013 | chris hall
Oh, Annette!!! You look SO GOOD! Loved the photo of you with the yoga downward dog shirt! Also, the photo of you sitting on the rock under a tree with the background of clear blue water! The scenery is fabulous! A watercolorist heaven! I hope you have your paints out! Enjoy those amazing sunsets and looks like paradise to me!!! (smile) We MISS YOU!!!
love, chris
04/09/2013 | Maria
Wow, I love the pictures! It looks absolutely beautiful there. I can imagine how much fun you guys are having. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.
Love, Maria
04/16/2013 | Denise Collin
Beautiful Photographs! I cannot believe you both are in such an amazing place! Reminds me of Guam a bit... anyway, I wanted to say HaPpY BiRtHdAY to Annette! We miss you both and glad to see all the updates!
04/19/2013 | bil Faherty
Happy Belated 40th birthday, Annette! i wish you, Mike and crew continuing success on your wonderful journey! I'm sure you're keeping a log to bring us the story of your adventures! Love to you both, Sincerely, Bill

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